It’s Only Words – B.S. -

It’s Only Words – B.S.

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The wrong words or the right words will determine how many leads and how many sales you get. Too many people stick their head in the sand like an ostrich being too darn ignorant to doing what ever it takes to ensure every single word strings together like one continuous bead of salesmanship in print either online or off-line.

After all, it’s oh so easy to say, yes it’s good enough. Sorry, but with such a B.S. attitude no wonder people struggle to make sales.

I want you to ask yourself this question as you read this and then again later, standing in front of your mirror, so you can look yourself in your own eyes to get the honest truth.

“Am I doing everything in my power to discover the magic words needed to maximize my sales or am I just doing a half ass attempt?”

I will give you your answer now.

99.80% of you will not being able to look into your mirror and answer ‘yes’ to the first part of my question and ‘no’ to the second. Unless of course you are so rare, in which case I could find you copywriting projects to do.

Let’s look at an example of how to make a person say ‘yes’ and give you money.

A man was rushing for a train when a smiling porter pointed at his bag. At the same time he said, ‘Which train are you catching.’ Thinking the times had changed, the man informed the porter what train he was catching.

The porter reached for the bag and said, ‘I’ll get you straight to the right platform, quickly.’ The man said ‘fine’ While sitting on the train, the man suddenly realized the porter had used a guaranteed sales sentence on him. He got a tip and the man got to his train quickly. Both men profited.

Now, suppose that same porter approached the man with the typical words – ‘Carry your bag sir.’ The man, carrying a very light bag, would have said ‘NO’.

Many years of using the right words, being subtle and the right techniques made it easy for people to say ‘YES’ to the porter.

Can you see how subtle differences and using magic words which sell to get you the sale?

Are you asking to ‘carry the bag’ for your customers more than getting them to the right platform on time where your business is concerned.

With my ‘Persuasive Writing Sells’ online course you will get handed to you, the copywriting blueprint formula for success and you will have at your finger tips all the tools needed to pluck the right magic words out every time, a bit like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

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