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Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook has been called the Crocodile Dundee of direct response copywriters due to giving his global clients the biggest advertising knife, so they can slash their competitors in half and leave them feeling like they’re a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.

Trevor Crook is a world class, in demand – direct response copywriter, mentor to entrepreneurs, writers, business owners, author and international speaker, who helps business owners and entrepreneurs to ignite their sales and profits fast, using sizzling sales copy for online and off-line marketing strategies.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, since 2006, he’s chosen to live the international lifestyle, working from his laptop, anywhere he darn well chooses to . . . and travels when the urge strikes. International Living Magazine has featured Trevor, 7 times since 2014 due to his jet-setting, international lifestyle.

Trevor’s also attended the Grammy Awards and was the one writer chosen to work on an event with billionaire,Sir Richard Branson, The Dalai Lama, former South African President, FW de Klerk, Tony Hsieh from Zappo’s . . . and several other highly successful entrepreneurs.

Trevor is blunt, brutal and does not sugar coat anything for anyone.

He is well known for his ‘No B.S.’ style and lives up to his ‘ToeCracker’ name due his brutal honesty when he critiques client’s sale copy or provides mentoring.
He has the uncanny ability to deliver cash generating information to you in such a simple, ‘straight between the eyes’ way in a matter of minutes, which will have you glued to your seat.

or Crook has personally interviewed over 10,000 business owners and entrepreneurs, dealt with over 300 industries and spoke to audiences all over the world in America, London, Canada, Australia and Scotland. In the unlikely event Trevor hasn’t covered your type of business – it’s a good chance he’s gone pretty close to it.

Trevor has written written simple 1-2 page letters, several have achieved a staggering 8% responses or more just from one letter! A simple one-page letter which cost his client $1,650 in advertising costs, generated approx. $200,000 the very first time he used it.

Another 2-page letter generated $4.0 million for another client.

One website client, increased sales $2.159 million p.a. in 30 days after a 20 minute Coaching call and website critique with Trevor. Another increased conversions 800% from adding just one 5 letter word to his headline.

His breakthrough advertising strategies show you how you can add just one letter, one word or make just one small change to your existing advertising or marketing which can double, triple or quadruple your response, without increasing your advertising and marketing costs.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have applied these strategies increased their responses up to 1700% or more.
Clients regularly double and triple their results in record time. One of killer 2 page letters for a client generated $24.21 in sales for every letter mailed, another letter generated $581,250 in less than 90 days for another client.

The very first sales letter Trevor created for a client, back in 2001, pulled in $558,000 in 2 nights for him, the first time he used it.

A few facts:

  • 1
    In just one 20 minute mentoring session, I revised a killer strategy for a client which gave him the tools to increase his leads by a whopping 4,000% per week. 
  • 2
    A one-page letter Trevor wrote for a client pulled in over
    $200,000 the first time it was used as a broadcast fax.
  • 3
    A two-page letter, sent to 1776 clients, generated 167 sales (a 9.4% response to letter one) and grossed over $45,000 in sales in a matter of weeks which means each letter mailed was worth $24.61 in sales. 
  • 4
    Another two-page letter pulled consistently an 8% response for every 100 letters mailed, generating an average of $1,800 in sales. Every letter mailed was worth $18.
  • 5
    Clients getting direct responses of 8%, 9%, 10%, 18% or better, using the methods Trevor teaches or the copy Trevor created for them. 
  • 6
    Trevor created new marketing material for one client in March 2009 which increased their sales from $20,000 per week to $76,400 a week, in just one week. A 382% increase in sales. Annual sales increased by $2,932,800. 
  • 7
    Trevor wrote a simple two page, letter which generated $4 Million for his client. His letter was mailed to their investor list, which had previously failed to respond to the client’s own copy. In fact, Trevor’s copy it generated over $4 million. 
  • 8
    Trevor added one ‘5-letter’ word to a pay-per-click advert and increased the click-through rate for another client by 800% in a few days.
  • 9
    Taking a proven sales letter for a customer and then adding more sizzling copy, Trevor increased the sale price from $47.97 to $97. The product remained the same. Sales increased by nearly 400%. 
  • 10
    In 2007, Hired by The Daily Mail, one of the UK’s biggest tabloids, to create email copy & pay per click adverts for one of their companies. Trevor’s copy beat their best control for the previous 12 months by just over 300%. Most other copy beat theirs by 800% consistently for their various products. 
  • 11
    Trevor created 3 headlines for one American client to test, which increased his sales 300% in one week. 
  • 12
    Wrote a new headline for a client’s newspaper advert in Florida which was so powerful, it made it onto the prime time TV show . . . The David Letterman Show.
  • 13
    Trevor was hired in April 2011 to beat the copy controls for a company in the weight loss niche, which included creating a new script for their 30 minute infomercial. Sales increased from just over $125,000 million in 2010 to exceeding $400 Million a year 2 year later. 
  • 14
    Trevor was hired in October 2009 by the promoter of an event which included: The Dalai Lama, Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, Stephen R Covey (7 habits of highly
    effective people), FW De Clerk, former South African President, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos as well as other highly respected entrepreneurs.

    As each speaker gave their live presentation . . . Trevor turned their words into sales copy. By the end of the 3 day event, he had the first draft sales letter written (by hand) to sell the DVDs and home study course of the event. 
  • 15
    Provided a 60 second, radical marketing strategy to a client who generated an extra $100,000 net profit in the first month. 
  • 16
    Trevor has shared the stage with; Ted Nicholas, Bob Bly,  Bill Glazer, Mark Joyner, Matt Furey, Yanik Silver, Dave  Lahkani, Michelle Anton - former Oprah executive  producer and many other successful entrepreneurs.
  • 17
    In November 2015, International Living Magazine (Agora Publishing’s flagship) were looking for a copywriter to beat their current control to sell their annual magazine subscription to their Australia market.

    There was only one copywriter they interviewed and hired. First test almost doubled their old control copy. Due the huge  success, International Living Magazine again Trevor writer in July to create a new sales letter, adverts and email copy for their biggest market – North America. 
  • 18
    Trevor wrote the direct mail copy which helped a lawn mowing company in Denver, Colorado become the largest in the entire state. They now mail over 1 million direct mail pieces a year.