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Without Trevor’s Wisdom . . .

Pauline Longdon The Copy Alchemist

"When I first started copywriting, I did what most of the big names in the industry recommended. I read the books, did the courses and wrote as much as I could for whoever I could. But it all felt a bit too slow for me, so I started looking around for mentor who could accelerate my progress (I did not want to do group mentoring).

Well, I found that mentor in Trevor Crook! He was the first person to take me and my ambition seriously. He has been by my side from the start and has helped me to not give up on more than one occasion. Trevor has helped me with my “head game,” getting my right rate and being secure with my value as a professional writer.

Without his wisdom, experience and solid support, I shudder to think where I’d be today."

2nd Testimonial From Matt Furey - September 2011.

“Trevor Crook has a rare ability to find the financial leaks in any business that most great entrepreneurs cannot see. Once found, his powerful and insightful marketing methods quickly increase income while creating customer loyalty.

If you want the 'straight-scoop' with zero fluff, then pay attention to everything Trevor teaches about copywriting and marketing.”

“A Lot of Advertisers Could Learn a Ton From Him”

Drayton Bird (David Ogilvy said: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”)

“Trevor Crook has a great down-to-earth no poncing-around-approach – like a lot of Aussies I know. He has a real understanding of the prodigious power of simple words. A lot of big advertisers could learn a ton from him.”

“Our First $100,000 Week, Thanks to You!”

Everte Farnell Tampa FL

“Hey Trev. Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for all your help. As you know, I walked away from a business partnership that had gone bad and started my contracting company 3 years ago, to the day as I write this letter.

When I started it, I had $1000 cash, and that was it! No retirement to pull from, no job, my wife was (is) a stay at home mother and was pregnant with our 3rd child and it was 2 months before Christmas.

I don't mind telling you I was scared to death!

Well last week, I'm thrilled to say, we did $100,000.00 in sales! That's our best week ever!

Trev, the techniques you teach, in many ways, were responsible for the rapid growth of my business. You've been called the “Crocodile Dundee of Marketing” . . . but I call you “The Halbert from Down Under!”

Thanks for all your help my friend! Next time I see ya, we'll have to hit the turps...my shout!! (Hope my Australian slang passes, HA!).”

“Turns Words into a Magic Elixir”

Matt Furey – Zen Master of the Internet Author of Combat Conditioning and a Plethora of Powerhouse Life-Changers.

“Trevor Crook is one of those rare marketers who can turn words into a magic elixir – from the stage or through his sensational copy. He has a knack for turning lemons into lemonade.

Born with the world’s WORST surname for a marketer or salesman, he’s overcome it in a HUGE way with sincerity, honesty and blunt-tell-it-like-it-is candor.

I’ve seen Trevor speak publicly in Australia and the U.S. and each time he leaves the room excited and ready to march towards the major opportunities available.

He’s shared the stage in a dual seminar with the legendary Ted Nicholas and has spoken to my group twice as well.

His copy is riveting, his smile contagious and his wisdom infectious.”

“Trevor Crook Helps Lawn Boy, become the Largest Mowing Company in the State of Colorado!”

Johnny Erbert Erbert Lawns Inc (Denver CO)

“Thanks for your copywriting and mentoring services. You Rock!!!!

After you tweaked our control piece the response has increased significantly. You have a talent and a way with words. You get people to take action. You took the time to understand our business niche, which helped us get specific results.

Now, we’re close to sending out a million pieces a year . . . and we do it with confidence because we know our marketing piece pulls . . . thanks to you. When I started this company at the age of 12 I had no idea how important words and communication would be to our success.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“A $1,000,000 Web Business Site After Consulting With YOU”

Nik Halik

“Hi Trevor,would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great distinctions you have provided to me regarding sales copy. My previous results have been extremely profitable in the past, but after consulting with you, my results have exploded to a new level.

My site is now averaging 4-5 sales per day ($2,597 each) and counting. A Million Dollar Web Business Site, to be added to my other global business sites.”

WARNING! Don't Hire Trevor Toe-Cracker Crook Unless You're Prepared to be THE Leader in Your Market . . .

Bond Halbert Son of the legendary Prince of Print - Gary Halbert

“WARNING! Don't hire Trevor Toe-Cracker Crook unless you're prepared to be the leader in your market.

Great copy pushes the envelope and Trevor's promotions can give you that powerful edge.

You can easily see the influence of all the masters in his work which never lacks critical elements but even better . . .

Mr. Crook's work stands out for the kind of edgy originality you need to create breakthrough promotions so effective, the competition has no choice but to follow in your footsteps.”

From the 10 Billion Dollar Man:

Ted Nicholas Considered, the World’s No. 1 Copywriter

“Recently, I had the delightful experience of doing a workshop with Trevor Crook, an extremely capable copywriter and speaker. I particularly like how Trevor went way above and beyond in truly helping each and every attendee become a vastly better, more effective copywriter.

He truly cares about helping his students dramatically improve their copy skills.
If you get a chance to go to his seminar don’t pass up the opportunity!”

P.S. While often asked I rarely provide testimonials (I’m tough on copywriters) but for you, Trevor, I’m happy to make an exception.