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“Discover Why Ignorance Is Costing YOU Sales”

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I increased a customers conversion rate by a mammoth 533% in less than 24 hours and I will get to that soon. Firstly you need to know how ignorance is costing you leads, sales, profits and repeat business.

When it comes to advertising and marketing for your business, DO NOT let your own ignorance cost you all of the above. I am going to tell you some cold hard facts which are harsh, brutal and 100% TRUE! They may apply to you. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

98.7% of business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from H.U.A. disease (Head Up Ass) when it comes to advertising and marketing of their business, choosing to allow their own beliefs and opinions as to what their customers want instead of bothering to find out what they actually want, desire and need . . . by testing and measuring, asking questions, then more questions until they get the right answers.

It’s all too easy to assume you know what your prospects and customers want and this is just plain DUMB!


Because you are not your customer!! The problem is, we as humans have a habit of going off ‘half right’ and not bothering to find out about the other half. I hear too often the ‘joke’ about only 50% of advertising works – if only we knew which half.

Well, it ain’t no laughing matter, unless you are a vulture from a high falutin’ advertising agency . . . who get their customers to do an ‘all you can eat’ advertising campaign, using so many smokes and mirrors that although something will work, they don’t even know which one (they don’t give a toss either) and their victims, who have forked out a fortune for the campaign, don’t really mind because these vultures have been stroking their egos about building a brand, an image and the importance of their frilly, fancy, cutesy logos and other such non-compelling foolishness.

When you do, your advertising and marketing, you have to get inside your prospects minds and find out exactly what they want. The testing and measuring process, will allow you to do this and give you maximum sales at the same time.

One of my customers . . .

I was hired to create a complete marketing system and my customer (who I will call ‘ Billy Bob’) decided that he wanted to mess with one part of it . . . a crucial part to be exact. We had words and in the end ‘Billy Bob’ decided he knew best.

I let him go and do his own thing and waited for the call to say he wasn’t happy with his results. It didn’t take long for ‘Billy Bob’ to start bleating like a stuck pig and as predicted, blamed my sales letter as the reason for not getting enough sales
. . . wanting me to make wholesale changes. I reminded ‘Billy Bob’ that he had chosen to ignore my advice and to let me take a look at everything to see if I could pinpoint the problem.

I did this and spoke to ‘Billy Bob’ and told him that I found the problem. It was his ‘creative marketing’ that was to blame. He didn’t like what he was being told, but I didn’t care (He didn’t pay me to be nice, he paid me to get him results) and I proceeded to give him both ‘barrels of my advertising gun’ leaving him in no doubt as to what needed to be done and more importantly, why testing and measuring is so important to his success.

I then did a split test of ‘Billy Bob’s’ marketing campaign which allowed me to put my theories up against his. This wasn’t done to say ‘I told you so’. It was done to find out exactly what it is his prospects responded to.

The Results?

Within 24 hours, Billy Bob’s conversion rate increased 533%. Now, if this was your business, you would no doubt be tempted to stop there, be happy with your new success and do no more testing and measuring. Don’t make this mistake. Even though ‘Billy Bob’ has got a great result now, there is always room for improvement.

What will happen now is . . . I will play that little game called ‘beat the control’ and try and get an even higher conversion rate by doing more testing and measuring, doing only ONE change at a time. WHY only one change? Because if I make more than one change and the results increase or decrease, I will not know which one it was that worked or failed.

“Dedicated To Kicking YOUR Ass Until YOU Succeed”

Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. I have a list as long as your arm about how my customers have made a minor changeor two to their advertising and marketing which has ignited their sales and explode their profits. Do yourself a favor, blow the cobwebs off your credit card and join them too – before your competitors make even more money from your mistakes.

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