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Just Say Fuck It

trevor at the cafe

trevor at the cafeSometimes in life, you simply need to say Fuck it, which is exactly what one of my customers did 2 weeks ago and his sales went up 59.09% in the first 24 hours with just a headline test. I met with my friend, Julian, who works full time online for coffee and he asked me to take a quick look at one of his sales letters which he had written by another copywriter. Fair dinkum, when I look at it, there were more holes in the sales letter than in the titanic. I pointed out the mistakes which were more obvious than a nose bleed on a white tissue.

There was 9 huge mistakes . . . ones which Julian couldn’t see himself . . . Now even though the copy was pathetic, it was still converting quite well. Julian asked me what could he do. I said, stop being a tight ass and part with some cash and I’ll create a kick ass letter for you. You see my friend, over the past couple of years since knowing Julian, he’s been more tight than a gold fish’s ass when it comes to investing in any of my writing courses or marketing products because he foolishly believed he knew a lot about both.
He was wrong! I said look, Julian, I know with better copy, you will at least double your sales and you know how much more cash that will make you. He said, fuck it, I have nothing to lose and so much more to gain. We agreed on a deal. I knew instantly what needed to be done, test his headlines, so I banged out 2 to test while I found the time to write his new sales letter. In the first 24 hours which followed the headline test, one was pulling 59.09% more sales. I can only begin to imagine what the new letter will end up making him.

Now it’s YOUR Turn to say Fuck It!

5 months ago, I started the Unlimited Success Report and many savvy people made the wise choice by saying fuck it and becoming members. And the changes in their success ever since proves they made the right choice. I want you to have the same results as them, Julian and my other serious people who had the balls to give it a go. I am currently working on Issue 6 which will be another 24 pages of pure content together with the rest of benefits members get each week and each month, all on a12 month, unconditional money back, guaranteed basis.

I Want to give YOU the first 5 month’s report for FREE.
When you are one of the next 17 people to become gold monthly members, I will personally email you PDF’s of the first 5 issues and you get full access to the first 5 month’s membership content OR . . . When you are one of the first 7 GOLD annual members, you will get the 5 previous issues . . . plus  I will also give you these additional gif~ts:


Do a Hot Seat with you over 1 hour, where I pull your business apart and put it back together again.


Give you 6 x 20 minute mentoring sessions which you can use over one year. This is double what’s on my site.


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“Dedicated to kicking you’re ass until you succeed.”

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