"Creates Market Domination"

"3 Day Event Reveals How to Get as Many Customers, Leads and Sales . . . as Fast as Humanly Possible"

Join The ToeCracker and Legends Matt Furey, Ed Dale, Bond Halbert, Matt Bacak, Jon Benson, Dave Lakhani together with Stephen Somers, Pauline Longdon, Everte Farnell and Joakim Hansson where their pearls of wisdom will overflow like Niagara Falls . . . big, bold and ready to put into action.

Collectively, these veritable ‘pornstars of persuasion ’ . . . have likely forgotten more about how to create market domination in the last week . . . than most will ever learn in their entire whole lifetime.

When you want to learn from and rub shoulders with the crème de le crème to help grow your business as fast as humanly possible . . . keep reading.

Dear Friend and Savvy Entrepreneur,

When you’re reading this it means you’ve heard about my last event and are keen to secure your seat . . . before the event page goes live.

The next event is happening 16-18 May, 2020 in Gdansk, Poland and I have a special invitation for you.

I invite you to register now and take advantage of my very special offer.

Past attendees have already snapped up 12 of the 27 VIP seats.

In the unlikely event you don’t want to secure your spot until you see the full event page copy . . . then stop reading right now.

If on the other hand, you know enough about me, the speakers and heard through the grapevine . . . just how fabulous my August event was . . . keep reading.

Good, you’re still here.

I’m going to keep this short as you have first hand experience of the quality of the speakers I had in August, the venue, the food and the overall experience. 

The speaker line-up for May Event is ;

  • Matt Furey
  • Ed Dale
  • Bond Halbert
  • Matt Bacak
  • Pauline Longdon
  • Yours Truly, The ToeCracker

Joining us as well . . .

Jon Benson

Jon is the creator of the Video Sales Letter (VSL) responsible for billions of dollars in sales every year for marketers all over the world.

He’s also the creator of Email CopyPro, the only email creation software designed to create and enhance your Inbox Brand while producing more sales and deeper rapport with your readers.

He’s one of the most sought-after copywriter and marketing strategists on the planet and together with his partner is fine tuning their CopyPro software which Ryan Diess described recently as . . .

“To see good copy just appear, not in minutes but literally in seconds . . . for me was unbelievable if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes. It just worked and for me, it’s an unfair advantage”

Dave Lahkani

Dave is a master of persuasion. He likely knows as much about it as the Robert Cialdini. He’s the author of at leaste 6 books including How to sell When Nobody is Buying (and How to Sell Even More When They Are).

He’s a personal friend of mine and we’ve shared the stage together several times.

From first hand experience, empty your bladder, refill your coffee before he goes on stage as you will not want to miss even one nano-second of what he has to share with you.

Everte Farnell

Everte has been described by Dan Kennedy as a “schizophrenic” entrepreneur, because he has found success in businesses as diverse as contracting, direct in-home sales, info-publishing, and as a direct marketing strategist and copywriter.

Because his knowledge and experience spans so many different fields, he can see past the challenges faced by most business owners and find powerful, money making solutions and opportunities most other entrepreneurs and consultants never see.

His client list includes the largest direct marketing companies in the world, including multiple branches of the billion dollar a year behemoth - Agora, some of the most successful commercial and residential contractors in the US, professional practices, and countless other info-marketing and bricks & mortar businesses.

He is the author of 19 books about marketing and success mindset.

Everte is a master story-teller, and his knowledge of and ability to share the secrets and techniques of the most powerful influencers in history makes him a go-to expert for anyone looking to radically increase their sales and profits.

"Everte is a highly-skilled direct-response copywriter" - Dan Kennedy

“There are few people I’m willing to show my copy to before it goes live, because, frankly, most copywriters suck. Everte Farnell is someone I can rely on for spot-on advice as well as kick-butt changes that make a big difference.

You’d be wise to have Everte write or scrutinize your copy. His words have a huge up-side.” - Matt Furey Author of Combat Conditioning

And lastly . . . 2 attendees in August are now speaking in May.

Joakim Hansson

Joakim Hannson is a direct response marketer with 32 years of business experience as a CEO and CMO of 8 and 9-figure companies. He’s using Google AdWords since 2004 and Facebook Ads since 2009.

In his career, he has overseen well over $1 billion in sales.

In 2013, Joakim founded the direct response ad agency Win Win Win Marketing with a mission “To Turn Advertising Into Profits.”

Together with his team, they work with select online businesses who are willing and able to spend $25,000-$100,000 and more on ads per month.

Win Win Win Marketing handles and scales high-volume ad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network (GDN) and Native Ad Networks (Taboola, etc.)

With their proven ad strategies, Joakim and his team helped to scale multiple online businesses in finance, weight loss, wealth creation, supplements, dating, and other tricky niches.

Here’s sneak peak at what he will share with you.

  • When less is more - the importance of the quality of ads and when too much testing can be a waste of your money.
  • “The 100,000-Dollar-Ad.” Why it pays off to focus on great ad copy and ideas, especially in tricky niches such as finance publishing.
  • How we generated 23,523 seminar registrants in 7 months . . . With just one ad responsible for 90% of this result.
  • How to write direct response ad copy which never gets banned.
  • The exact strategy we used to scale two Facebook ad accounts from 0 to $110,000/month in ad spend for weight loss and dating offers.
  • One simple advice which stopped Facebook from notoriously banning our client’s ad account (Facebook banned him 7 times in 2 months). Now our client spends 6 figures per month on Facebook using this strategy.
  • Case Study: YouTube vs Facebook. Similar lead cost . . . 400% difference in sales.
  • $5,500 A/B Test: Are chatbots going to dominate the market . . . And is email marketing dying for real?
  • How to earn 250% more . . . By doubling the cost per sale (CPA).
  • Why Facebook and Google’s tracking pixels are useless when it comes to scaling campaigns profitably . . . And what professionals do to fix it.

Stephen Somers

Stephen and his partner Robert, are 7 Figure Amazon Super Sellers who have sold items globally and built a 'mini empire' on Amazon WITHOUT any outside funding and now they help others How To Build A 5 - 7 Figure Global Amazon Business From Scratch Selling Simple High Profit, Low Competition Items

I first met Stephen earlier this year at an event in London we were both speaking at and he blew my fucking mind and I know he will yours as well.

​May 2020 Event Details:

14th May – Meet and Greet Function 7pm to 11pm

Amazing food and also 4 hours open bar. I’m holding this 2 nights before the event so you can recover from your handovers.

This will be held on the top floor of the hotel’s restaurant and Reserved for us.

First 30 people are free – after that $150 per person).

16-17th May – Market Domination Event

18th May – VIP Day and night


Radisson Blu Hotel – Gdansk. Same as before.

The room will be set up to take 70 people plus the speakers. I can fit a lot more however I’m restricting it so you can network better with the speakers as well as your fellow attendees.

Lots of savvy folks attended the August event, which is you and I’m expecting a whole bucnh more as other’s are hounding me to give me money now to secure their VIP seats. 

Your Investment . . . Save $500


You’ll get:

  • Access to all the sessions on the 16-17 May 2020
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and light afternoon tea included

For only $2997.

If you want to bring a partner (business or personal) pay an extra $1500.

Early Bird Special:

General entry, $500 off which means your one time investment is just $2497 for one or $3997 for you and a partner.

Plus, I can give you 5 easy payments. Click through to see the easy payments.

5 x $550 (for one)
5 x $850 for one + a partner


There are only 27 VIP tickets available.

So, here’s what you’ll get as a VIP . . .

  • Everything the General Entry Ticket holders get, plus . . .
  • Priority seating. You’ll be seated up the front and close to the stage for an unobstructed view of the speakers
  • Speakers VIP only bonuses (each speaker has been encouraged to give VIPs bonuses they have never given out before)

A bonus ‘VIP ONLY’ Day and Night on 18th May 2020, including:

  • A secret VIP meet up where you’ll get your individual questions answered by the speakers
  • A VIP exclusive lunch and also dinner with the speakers. We all know the best networking is done over dinner and drinks. This starts in the afternoon and will go into the early hours of the morning.

The stunning beach front location . . . is the perfect location for such a prestigious way to end the event with the speakers, VIP’s and invited guests.

The food will be amazing and the alcohol will not stop flowing for 8 hours.

Audio Recordings and full transcripts of the event.

And the no-brainer part is, you get this for only $1000 more than a General Entry ticket!

Ridiculous, I know!

I wanted to make this affordable, and I think I’ve achieved that.

So, you get all this for only $3997.

And of course, if you want to bring a VIP partner (business or personal) just pay an extra $2000.

Early Bird Special:

General entry, $500 off which means your VIP special offer, is just $3497 for one or $5497 for you and a partner.

Plus, I can give you 5 easy payments. Click through to see the easy payment options.

5 x $750 (for one)
5 x $1150 for one + a partner

FAST ACTION BONUS valued at $1,497

The first 17 people who reserve their seat/s will also get access to the recordings (videos and audios) plus full transcriptions of my August event.

Speakers; Drayton Bird, John Carlton, Bond Halbert, Caleb O’Dowd, Matt Bacak, Pauline Londonf, Brian Cassingena, Nik Thakorlal, ben Simkin and myself.

This is a genuine$1497 Value.

ToeCracker” tip: don’t try to go “halfsies” with someone you don’t know or try to “game the system” to try to save money.

I’ll “ToeCrack” your ass so hard . . . your grandchildren’s grandchildren will feel it!

See you in Gdansk.



PS. I sat the bar high in August . . . and I promise you I plan to raise the bar even higher in May 2020. Brace yourself.

Grab you seat right now, while it’s fresh on your mind . . . because you can Gdansk if you want to. 

P.P.S. Your special offer and also the 5 easy payments option expires 5pm, Costa Rican time, 18th November, 2019. No exceptions.

I’m giving you first dibs . . . however you need to pull your finger out and reserve your spot.

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