World’s Best Copywriters Reveal Their Proven Strategies at Historic European Marketing Event. . .

“Get as Many Customers, Leads and Sales as Fast as Humanly Possible”

Copywriting Legends Matt Furey, John Carlton, Bond Halbert, Ed Dale, Caleb O’Dowd and other A-listers and Name Takers are coming to Europe to share their pearls of wisdom over 2 full days . . .

Plus . . . they are coming to celebrate THE one man, who has shaped the marketing world as you know it today . . . Drayton Bird’s 83rd Birthday.

With 59 years in Direct Response Marketing, he’s likely forgotten more about direct response marketing in the last hour than we’ll ever learn in our whole lifetime . . .

When you want to learn from and rub shoulders with the crème de le crème to help grow your business as fast as humanly possible . . . keep reading.

​“ToeCracker & Drayton Celebrate”

“I’m so confident what this seminar will do for you, that, if it were possible I would crawl over broken glass all the way to your doorstep to insist on your presence at this event."  Matt Furey 

​From the desk of Trevor “ToeCracker” Crook

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been a copywriter for any length of time, you would have heard of the legendary copywriter Drayton Bird. If you haven’t, well . . . you should have, and you need to read this letter.

The man is a living legend . . . I call him the “Dinosaur of Direct Response.”

Not a dinosaur because he is out of date or extinct . . . not even close.

Drayton’s been in the industry for over 59 years, which makes him a living dinosaur.

It automatically gives him “legend” status. The truth is, he earned the title of “legend” a long, long time ago. And long before most of us had even picked up a crayon to write our own name for the first time.

Copywriting great David Ogilvy (you should definitely know who he is. If you don’t… you really need to stop reading right now!) said . . . 

“Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”

​And as you’d know, Ogilvy was no slouch himself. He successfully used direct marketing as his secret weapon for his marketing agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

Drayton has shaped the marketing world as we know it today and will continue to do so long into the future. And he has influenced the marketing minds of many great copywriters.

His books are the prized possessions of copywriting Titans such as Gary Bencivenga. And his advice has changed the course of the careers of brilliant, Top Gun copywriters like Clayton Makepeace.

After spending an hour with Drayton, Clayton Makepeace said . . .

​“I feel like I’ve just spent an hour with the Pope… you triggered so many
great ideas and confirmed so many closely held beliefs of mine…”

The fact is, no matter who you learned copy from, Drayton Bird has either directly or indirectly influenced the way you think about copywriting and direct response.

Almost two years ago, Drayton decided to call it a day at almost 81 and held his  “Last Hurrah” event in Bristol.

Drayton asked me to speak at the event. My excitement was more obvious than a ‘hard on’ at a nudist beach.

I tried to remain calm even thought I’d have likely sold my left testicle if needed, to ensure I was speaking at such an historical event . . . especially as I was the ONLY speaker, other than Drayton. It was a brilliant event.

At the time, we all thought it was the last time we’d see Drayton on stage. And it was supposed to be. Yet I had different ideas.

I mean if it’s good enough for the Rolling Stones to keep touring at their age . . . it’s bloody good enough for Drayton to do one final event. His swan song. His Final Curtain.

The problem though . . . until recently I hadn’t come up with a good enough reason to suggest it . . . until I got challenged on Facebook by my Aussie mate, Ed Dale.

He asked . . . “ToeCracker, when are you going to get your shit together and do the event in London or Europe you invited me and a few other mates to speak at . . . while we were all drinking at the Bellagio one night, during the Gary Halbert Memorial Event in Vegas?”

So, I private messaged him to see if he’d be available in August and if he wanted to present at an event with Drayton and also celebrate his 83rd Birthday.  

He couldn’t say “yes!” fast enough.

Then I messaged my other mates and asked them the same question. They all jumped at the chance and by some sort of miracle, the timing was perfect for all of them. 

What Kind Of “Mates” Am I Talking About?

​Now, let’s be clear when I say “mates”… I’m not talking about just anyone here. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know, be known and be respected by the who’s who in the copywriting/ marketing zoo.

So, my mates are copywriting legends, A-listers and serious “name takers!” You’ll know them as soon as I say their names.

More about them in a minute . . .

Because I still Needed to Twist Drayton’s Arm . . .

With my mates on board, I emailed Drayton and briefly mentioned the event.

As he was smack in the middle of writing his autobiography . . . he said he was pushed for time and to send more details and we could look to talk.

I replied to him and said . . . “Drayton, I’m already in London. I’m going to travel to Bristol. Let me buy you dinner so we can talk about my idea. After all you still have to take a break to eat don’t you?” He agreed.

Off I went. I was on a mission. While we were talking, it became crystal clear he still has a whole lot more to teach all of us.

Seriously, he has forgotten more about Direct Marketing than most of us will ever learn!

And it was clear he could to do another event. The question was . . . would he?

I did what any reasonable person would do. I got him drunk, and then I used my world famous “ToeCracker” powers of persuasion to pitch him my idea of having an event to celebrate his 83rd birthday in August.

He said “YES!” with one condition . . .

Drayton said he didn’t want to do long periods of teaching.

Now, I love speaking. I can talk the ears off anyone, especially when it comes to copywriting and marketing (ask any of my mentees or proteges!). So too can my chosen mates.

​The Search Was On...

I didn’t want to hold the event in the usual places. I wanted something unique. Somewhere with a lot of history . . .  a place which would also provide all the speakers and attendees with an unforgettable experience.

Fortunately, I know a few places.

I’ve been living an International Lifestyle for the past 14 years, and I have lived in some of the most spectacular places. So, I had a few ideas.

I messaged my mates about the location and it was unanimous.

Gdansk, Poland was a clear standout.

Why Gdansk, Poland?

Why the Hell not? (Just in case you need more of a “reason why” here’s some copy to help you justify it logically.) Look at the image below.  

​I could go on for days about why Gdansk, Poland is the perfect location.

Did you know that Gdansk:

  • ​Is where WWII started?
  • ​Was where the fall of communism started? The Solidarity movement first gained traction there in 1980
  • ​Was recently ranked as the 5th best tourist destination in the world (out of 296 cities?

​Main Street Old Town Gdansk

I could keep going, but the reality is I know you don’t have the time to read it… and I certainly don’t have the time to write it.

​Gdansk Motlawa

​So, to cut to the chase… here are my top 3 reasons for having the event in Poland:

  • 1
    ​The currency conversion is always in your favor. You get more bang for your buck!
    Have you ever traveled to a country with what you thought was a huge wad of cash, only to have it decimated by the currency conversion? Well, that doesn’t happen in Poland. Even the weaker performing currencies get a fair go here. (Yes, even the Aussie Dollar!)
  • 2
    ​Poland is a place most people haven’t been to. In fact, most of the speakers have never presented in Europe before. And many of them are like me and are tired of the “same-old-same-old” type events held at vanilla venues.

    Even attendees get “event fatigue.” So, to keep things fresh, this is something that’s never been done before.
  • 3
    ​Most of all, I want you to get a small taste of my International Lifestyle. I’ve been roaming the globe, living life on my own terms for 14 years now.

​Every day I have people tell me how “lucky” I am to live in these amazing places . . . however there is no luck involved. All it takes is a simple decision to do it.

So, when you come to Poland for the event, I hope you get a taste of how fantastic living the International Lifestyle can be. Because you can have an income without borders way easier than you think.

And it’s easy to get to from Australia, US, UK and anywhere in Europe.

Now we have that out of the way…

Who Are My Mysterious Mates?

As I said, I approached some of my closest friends to help make Drayton’s birthday one to remember.

And they are all people you’ll know. So, who’s in this motley crew of noisemakers, rule breakers and name takers?

Let’s start with the man of the moment…

Drayton Bird

For the last 59+ years, Drayton has sold everything from Airbus planes to Peppa Pig. And he’s spent most of that time whizzing round the world, from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal to the Victoria Falls to the Great Barrier Reef - at his clients' expense.

He has been named as one of the people who has shaped the way we know marketing today. 

What Drayton doesn’t know about direct response isn’t worth knowing. His books are a rich resource for anyone who calls themselves a direct response copywriter or marketer.

In fact, as I said earlier (and it’s definitely worth repeating!) his books are the prized possessions of copywriting Titans such as Gary Bencivenga.

And his advice has changed the course of the careers of brilliant, Top Gun copywriters like Clayton Makepeace. If the best of the best copywriters can learn something from Drayton . . . I’m absolutely sure you can too!

I’ve seen Drayton speak and have had many private conversations with him. You’re in for an absolute treat!

​​John Carlton

John’s notorious 30+ year career has become something of a legend among modern marketers.

He started out as the "bad boy" freelance copywriter snuck through the back doors of Los Angeles advertising agencies to do the hard-core sales jobs their staff writers couldn't pull off. They didn't understand street-level salesmanship like he did.

John mentored under top copywriters for a decade, writing fulfillment material for Gary Bencivenga, ghost-writing direct mail packages for Jim Rutz and other superstars, and hanging out behind the scenes with Jay Abraham and the large mailing houses like Phillips Publishing.

He penned notorious, game-changing packages for Rodale Press… while single-handedly also changing the way print ads worked in a number of markets (though sizzling long-copy ads the magazine owners hated, but which worked like crazy in Golf Digest, Muscle & Fitness, and many others).

John became Gary Halbert’s partner and close friend for 25 years (after a grueling 2-year mentorship crammed with more adventures than he’s been able to write about).

And he pioneered the now-common use of killer “old school” persuasive ad-writing models for online markets. (When John started his career, Claude Hopkins and Robert Collier were out-of-print.)

He’s been called “the most respected and ripped-off copywriting wizard alive”, because so many of his ads are still used as templates by other marketers. (Yes, even the ads written before the Web became a viable marketing medium . . . which, it should be noted, have all been converted to online ads and videos, and are still paying him royalties 30 years later.)

And for over a decade now, John has been the “go-to-teacher” for helping entrepreneurs learn how to craft ads that get results (over a thousand people have gone through his Simple Writing System coaching program).

His first book, “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”, is still cited as a primary resource by the best writers and marketers working today. And his “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together” was number one on Amazon (in the entrepreneur section) for nearly a year.

John’s an original copy badass and marketing rebel!  

And when he speaks . . . he leaves audience’s drooling for more . . . like a ravenous dog salivating over a meaty bone.

​Matt Furey

Matt is known as the Zen Master of the Internet. He loves to create world-class results in whatever he does. He has done it in the sports arena, the business world, martial arts, copywriting, and coaching. Whatever he does, he's fully committed to the task.

He is a World Kung Fu champion and the only American to ever win a world title in China.

Matt is the author of several best-selling books including Combat Conditioning, Expect to Win – Hate to Lose, The Unbeatable Man and 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy. And he Co-authored the 35-million copy classic book, Psycho Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded.

Matt is best known for his emails and his email training. He’s the World Heavy Weight Champion of Email Copywriting. In fact, his training has kick-started the careers of a new wave of email marketers and copywriters.

He splits his time each year between his homes in China as well as the United States.

Where ever you are in your personal or professional journey, you can expect great things to happen in your life when you listen to Matt Furey and implement his advice.

​Bond Halbert

While other kids were out shooting hoops with their dad, Bond was learning the finer points of direct response marketing with his dad, the late Gary Halbert. Bond was Gary’s first protégé, the recipient of the famed “Boron Letters,” and was Gary’s sidekick when he attended high-level meetings.

Although he had a famous dad, Bond has proven himself to be a top copywriter, marketer, 

and mentor in his own right. He’s sold millions of dollars of info-products and guides businesses to success. In fact, he is constantly sought out by some of the top marketers on the planet for his advice.

Bond published the very first book ever written on editing sales copy which many copywriters labeled an instant classic because it’s written in that characteristic Halbert style of being simple yet highly effective way of showing readers how to keep a prospect’s attention.

After being the copy chief to some of the largest financial promotions of our time, Bond pioneered many tactics for getting the highest email open rates in any industry.

Bond is often regarded by top copywriters like Craig Clemens, Thomas Bell, Sam Markowitz, and many others as the best copywriting instructor in the world for good reason.

After 40 years watching so many copywriters get mentored by his father, his colleagues, and training copywriters himself, Bond has perfected the lessons any aspiring wordsmith needs to start writing effective copy with lightning speed.

Bond is one of the most generous people I know, so I know he is going to over deliver at this event!

​Ed Dale

Ed is the original underachiever and Tubby Nerd. He is a legend in online marketing and the creator of the 30-Day Challenge (one of the first internet challenges ever).

He is considered to be one of the best copywriters in the world and was trained by Gary Halbert.

Ed has helped some of the biggest names in the business get their start. He has mentored Russell Brunson, Ryan Levesque, and Todd Brown to name a few.

He uses his copy skills extensively on his own business. And helps business owners to do the same.

I’ve known Ed since 2004, and he continues to stun me with his unique insight into online marketing.  

​Caleb O’Dowd

Caleb O’Dowd got his start in direct marketing by living with, and working with, the legendary advertiser and marketer Gary Halbert.

Since then, Caleb and his brother John have started and scaled a dozen different businesses (both online and offline).

Caleb and John have practically done it all — and in high volume. They are experts on direct mail, newspaper advertising, VSL’s, webinars, sales funnels, phone sales, high ticket coaching and consulting — and more.

Together, they have generated over $140,000,000 in direct marketing sales.

Plus, they’ve done it all virtually, while living and traveling all over the world. Caleb, for example, has lived in 10 different
countries over the past 14 years.

Caleb is also a strategic advisor to more than a dozen 7, 8 and even 9 figure businesses — which include industry leading direct marketing companies like Agora Financial.

​Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak is the founder of the EPC Institute and an Award-Winning Email Marketer.

He started marketing online in 1997 and has been email marketing since 1999.

In 2003, he made his first million dollars from email marketing. 

He has sent well over a billion emails in the last 18 years. At last count, he's done over 8,000 email split test rounds.

His lists are growing by up-to 10,978 subscribers a DAY! He runs the List-Building club on Facebook with over 18,000 Amazing List Building Club Members.

He holds the record for most affiliates ever signed up for a JV Giveaway launch... 2,656.

He even holds the record on Clickbank for the highest gravity ever. Matt Bacak's book "The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan" became a "#1 Best Selling Book" in just a few short hours using the secret power of leads and big lists.

He has helped a number of clients target his specialty, opt-in email direct marketing systems. He is not only a sought-after digital marketer but has also marketed for some of the world's top experts whose reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their email marketing.

And his passion is helping people like you make more money from email because Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing repertoire.

​Nik Thakorlal

Nik is the founder of LeadsHook - a marketing personalisation lead generation software. He develops technologies to automate persuasion and digital marketing campaigns.

Nik's an expert when it comes to generating leads at scale using survey funnels and decision trees to deliver personalised content. He's helped clients generate 250,000+ leads per month using his decision tree tools and strategies.

He has a unique approach to marketing and persuasion. Nik sees it as a trading system that produces winners.  Nik has a background in investment management and trading.  Nik specialise in building scale and capacity for rapid growth so a business can be packaged up for a sale.

I first met Nik back in 2004, at Ed Dale and Frank Kern’s Underachiever event. What he’s doing with the automation of persuasion is brilliant.  

You’ll want to do yourself a favor and listen to and act on every word Nik says  . . . it'll be the smartest thing you ever do.

​Brian Cassingena

Brian is the secret weapon behind a number of world-class experts - including’s Justin Brooke and Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani.

His marketing campaigns have generated tens of millions of dollars over the past few years - and he’s only taken on a very small number of clients.

A 15-year Veteran of High Converting campaigns, Brian spends his time working on projects he loves, and living the international lifestyle with his wife. An international speaker, published author, consultant and High Conversion specialist, Brian is dedicated to boosting the sales and profits of smart companies everywhere.

Brian is one of my Power Proteges, and it’s been great to watch his career take off. To have him speak at this event was a no-brainer.

​Ben Simkin

Ben Simkin was one of the very first advertisers on Facebook and was able to immediately achieve results for his clients.

His early successes include helping a client skyrocket from $35 million in property sales to $115 million and taking another client from a $500,000 loss to $10 million in sales in record time.

Today he has clients in dozens of industries all over Australia and the US. He’s also handled the marketing of well-respected business authorities such as Jay Abraham, Siimon Reynolds, and Kerwin Rae.

He’s been named the world’s number one Facebook marketer by the Huffington Post and featured in Forbes & Inc Magazine for having generated over 2 billion dollars in sales through Facebook Advertising for himself and his clients.

In addition to running his companies, Ben gives back to the business community through The Mastermind, a program that regularly helps business owners scale up to 7-figures and beyond.

Ben was another genius who spoke at The Gary Halbert Memorial Event. I was so impressed I knew you’d want to hear what he has to say at this event.  

​Pauline Longdon

Pauline is making big waves in the copywriting world. Her background as a Major in the Australian Army gave her the grit she needed to earn her chops in direct response.

The Army did the dirty on her with an unexpected medical discharge that left her rudderless. So, she was forced to rehabilitate and reinvent herself and she clawed her way out of the depths of depression. (Her best-selling book is the story of how she did it!)

In her goal to become a world-class copywriter, she mentored with the who’s who of the industry. Pauline believes, like I do, that when you learn from a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy... you experience the “Law of Diminishing Quality.”

So, she made it her business to learn directly from people like Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Carline Anglade Cole, David Deutsch, Lorrie Morgan, Ted Nicholas, Mike Morgan and “yours truly” (she’s another one of my Power Proteges).

Plus she’s the first Australian woman to be a coveted copy cub of Parris Lampropoulos.

Her copy speaks for itself. She is the secret weapon for a select group of clients. (NDA’s prevent her from telling you who they are. But trust me, you know their names). She has a rare gift for breaking down concepts into easy-to-understand takeaways. You’ll get a cramp in your hand taking notes from her presentation.

When you hear her talk, you’ll know exactly why I invited her to speak at this event.

And of course, there’s me…

​Trevor “ToeCracker” Crook

I’m known as the Crocodile Dundee of direct response copywriters. It’s a title I’m happy to have. I often have people try to impress me with their copy and the profits it's made them.

Yet as soon as I see their copy, I can instantly see where they are leaving money on the table. A quick “That’s not a profit! This is a profit” tweak . . . and they are making more money than they thought humanly possible.

I mentor copywriters and have had many of them become world class and A-List copywriters and work for companies such as Agora Financial. And I do it all while I live the International Lifestyle.

It’s good that I mentioned Drayton first and me last because we are like bookends.

We are both blunt, brutal and we never sugar coat things. You’ll see when you’re in the room with us!

​So, What Are We All Going To Talk About?

​Who cares!

The fact is, we all have such a deep wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to share, so no matter what we speak about . . . you’ll want to be listening and taking notes!

So, as I get more information from the speakers, I’ll share it with you.

For now, just know that we are all working copywriters and marketers at the top of our fields. We don’t only earn our living by teaching people what to do . . . we are actually in the trenches doing it.

I’ve asked the speakers to share something they have never shared before, and most of them have agreed.

Now I need to warn you, some of the speakers are “on the fly” kind of guys, so they will be working on their presentation on the plane to the event . . . so we won’t know exactly what they are going to share with you.

Which to me . . . is like a small child who can see his or her gifts under the Christmas tree . . . yet they have to to wait until Christmas morning to rip open their gifts to discover what it is.

A few speakers have given me a rough outline of what they’ll be talking about:

​Matt Furey

​Zero to Zillionaire - Insider S​ecrets of Becoming an Internet Millionaire

  • ​How I Went from $50,000 in Debt to Multi-millionaire
  • ​Why Learning How to Make Money Online is an Opportunity and Not a Problem
  • ​What Internet Millionaires Don’t Want You to Know that is Key to Your Success
  • ​5 Top Secret Email Copywriting Techniques Revealed that Make Millions
  • ​How to Create Best-Selling Products in One Day… or Less
  • ​How to Make $10,000 or more in ONE DAY with Email
  • ​How to Create a Following Who Hangs on Your Every Word and Buys Whatever You Offer
  • ​Mind Control Secrets - How to Overcome All Negativity – Your Own as Well as Others

​Nik Thakorlal

  • ​Discover a weird question that automatically uncovers previously undiscoverable highly-profitable market segments
  • ​How to automatically create thousands or even millions (make it hundreds of millions) individualized sales letters at the same time it takes you to create one!  You can practically tell your competitors what you're doing, and they'll still be powerless to copy your high-converting campaigns.  This automatically creates "UN-RIPOFFABLE" marketing
  • ​How this 'compressed' question, rarely used yet one of the most useful data extraction methods for dynamic personalisation in real-time
  • ​The single most effective non-invasive, non-threatening and non-salesy way to extract your leads' exact needs, wants, benefits-desired and problems to be eliminated
  • ​The three types of data you must use to "funnel-invert".  You’ll finally see with crystal-clear clarity... how and where you're making money... and more importantly, where you're haemorrhaging your hard-earned cash.  You'll cut loss-producing advertising-spend faster than an Extreme Makeover surgeon
  • ​How to get your leads to diagnose, accept and auto-persuade themselves to buy from you.  Finally, discover the exact steps that makes selling superfluous
  • ​And, how this automatically builds individualised content including landing pages, sales letters and even lead magnets
  • How Donald Trump used five hidden survey-polluting blindsides to trump the professional pollsters and statisticians with PhDs who overconfidently predicted his demise in the 2016 US Presidential Elections.  Why SURVEYS do NOT reveal what prospective customers really want unless you do this one thing to your results!
  • ​How to wield AI-bending power using this 2-second “pixel within a pixel” hack, which automatically retrains Google and Facebook’s AI to become your very own laser-targeted AI to deliver high-spending customers on a silver platter.  (Big G and Facebook’s AI won’t even show your ads to tire kickers)
  • ​A little-known secret that delivers an almost 100% opt-in rate by making one small, simple change to your lead generation pages
  • ​How to consistently and easily get 20+% clickthrough rates from your ads without changing a single word in your ads!
  • ​How this 'compressed' question, rarely used yet is one of the most effective data extraction methods for real-time personalisation.  Your website visitors will experience their very own Sherpa guiding them to the best solution for their problems

​Ben Simkin

​Unlimited Business Growth With Facebook Advertising

  • ​How to Generate Large Volumes of Leads In Your Industry
  • ​Little-known 'Facebook Hacks' to 2X...5X... or even 10X your ROI on campaigns
  • ​How to Dramatically Increase the Quality of Leads so that you only attract the highest quality, serious buyers and clients
  • ​The ‘4 Pillars’ that make up the Foundation of Every successful marketing campaign
  • ​The exact online marketing funnels I’ve used to generate over $2B in sales for myself and my clients
  • ​How to use Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence to make your marketing more powerful
  • ​How to ensure that your prospects are ready to buy at the prices you set, instead of demanding discounts and freebies.
  • ​Why my team and I were able to maintain and even lower our advertising costs even as everyone else’s was rising
  • ​How to set up your campaigns to make them easy to optimize and scale
  • ​The new changes you need to know to dominate Facebook advertising for the remainder  2019 and beyond . . .

Matt Bacak

  • How to generate an avalanche of up To 10,978 new leads—daily!
  • The #1 most important email marketing equation in the world
  • How you can get consumers to spend 138% more
  • The ONE critical aspect that will get you 320% more revenue
  • 11 golden keys To email marketing mastery
  • The #1 most critical metric when it comes to email marketing

​Brian Cassingena

Online copywriting secrets of landing high profile experts and charging 5 figures a month per client in ongoing fees.

  • ​How to get gurus to PM you saying ‘I’m IN and I wanna pay you big money every month’
  • ​Premium pricing and how to lose clients by charging TOO LOW
  • ​The simple Google sheet that created a monster income
  • ​How to build a campaign until your prospects are wet with anticipation
  • ​The ‘Campaign pivot’ - this is how to add thousands in bonus product sales on top of your big-money retainer deals
  • ​Reeling them in - the counter-intuitive secret to closing even gurus you virtually worship
  • ​​Staying on board - keeping your 5-figure retainer clients for years on end without lowering your fees or piling on more work
  • ​​3 systemization secrets for managing clients without getting overwhelmed and dropping all your balls

​Pauline Longdon

​Rising from the ashes and kicking asses!

  • ​The good, the bad and the ugly… three things to look for in a great mentor (The Mentor Phase)
  • ​How she went from a broken, illiterate loser to being fixed and on the “A minus list” (The Reinvention Phase)
  • ​Why you always need to have the end in mind when you start out (The Intention Phase)
  • ​What to do when you feel the need for speed! How to get what you want faster (The Acceleration Phase)
  • ​Why what you’ve already done matters more than you know and how to apply it to the new you (The Transference Phase)

This is just a small taste to whet your appetite of what’s to come. And based on that alone . . . you don’t want to miss this event.

Of course, there’s more . . . because the other speakers are still planning and working on their talks.

As for me . . . fuck me I could speak for 5 days straight on various subjects about copywriting, direct mail, outrageous offers and how I’ve been living the International Lifestyle for 14 years . . . long before the term ‘digital nomad’ was event a wet dream.

Just like Christmas morning . . . I want to keep what I will share as a complete surprise.

It’ll be worth the wait.

Now even if you’ve heard some of the information or wisdom before . . . you won’t have heard it like this. 

​Because, This Is Where The Magic Happens…

​Did you know when you go to a new environment, you learn more?

One of the reasons is because you are away from the distractions and interruptions of your comfort zone.

When you attend events in your home country, state or town . . . you’re still too close to your every day life.

It is too tempting to check in on your business or family.

People don’t realize when they do that . . . not only do they rip themselves off . . . they rip off all their future clients . . . because they only get snippets of information. Not the whole picture.  

When you attend events . . . you need to be in the room. And that means physically and mentally!

Because when you sit in the same room as these legends, something magical happens that my mate Matt Furey told me about. Our mirror neurons get activated and fired up.

If you haven’t heard about mirror neurons, they are specialized neurons which fire off and let you do what other people do. (Similar to “monkey see, monkey do.”)

So, the way Matt explains it is . . . if you’re in a room with a person who has a skill you want, as their neurons fire off as they do it . . . your mirror neurons copy what they are doing.

As you watch John Carlton riff about his copy secrets or listen to Drayton’s ‘wikipedia’ of experience . . . you’ll be getting it at a way deeper level than you’ll ever know.

That is why I’ve selected the speakers I have. They are all masters in what they do.

And as I said, this works best when you are in the room with them!

​So, What’s The Deal?

​I’m glad you asked!

As soon as I locked in the speakers, I started to drop a few posts around social media to see if there was much interest.

So, I told the people I know to save the dates 22 – 23 August 2019 while I organized everything else. (There will be a VIP day on the 24th August. More about that soon.)

And even before I released this letter, I had people begging me to take their money (which I did gladly . . . of course). They bought their tickets without a sales letter, and without knowing what the entire deal was.

So, after working out the price for them, I’ll share it with you too.

Now, I wanted to keep this as affordable as I possibly could, while keeping the quality of the event high.

I mean it’s the “Bird’s 83rd” after all. So, we are not going to be cheap. (Pun totally intended!).

Realistically, considering the speakers and the doses of dopamine they’ll be dishing out . . . I could easily charge at least $10,000 just for a basic ticket. Or I could also cap it at a small number to keep it exclusive (and we’d sell out in a few days).

However this is a legacy event for Drayton . . . and I want as many people to come and hear this great man speak.

So, I spoke to the other speakers and here’s what we came up with . . .

​General Entry Ticket

​You’ll get:

  • ​Access to all the sessions on the 22-23rd August 2019
  • ​Morning Tea, Lunch and light afternoon tea included

​For only $2997

And if you want to bring a partner (business or personal) pay an extra $1000

“ToeCracker” tip: don’t try to go “halfsies” with someone you don’t know or try to “game the system” to try to save money. I’ll “ToeCrack” your ass so hard that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will feel it!

Access All Areas VIP Ticket

​There are only 38 VIP tickets available and 7 sold even before the sales letter was written.

As I said earlier, people were hounding me to get a ticket to this event. And when I told them what the VIPs got and the price . . . they saw it was a no-brainer and made the investment right away to secure their VIP ticket!

So, here’s what you’ll get as a VIP . . .

  • ​Everything the General Entry Ticket holders get, plus…
  • ​Priority seating. You’ll be seated up the front and close to the stage for an unobstructed view of the speakers.
  • ​Speakers VIP only bonuses (each speaker has been encouraged to give VIPs bonuses they have never given out before)
  • A bonus VIP only Day on 24th August 2019, including:

    ​‣ A Gary Halbert “Road Work” style walking tour to start the day. You’ll network with speakers and fellow VIPs as you take in the sights

    ​‣ A secret VIP meet up where you’ll get your individual questions answered by the speakers
  • ​A VIP exclusive dinner with the speakers. We all know the best networking is done over dinner and drinks. This starts in the afternoon and will most likely go into the early hours of the morning.

    The stunning beach front location . . . complete with private beach bar is the perfect location for such a prestigious way to end the event with the speakers, VIP’s and invited guests.
  • ​Audio Recordings and full transcripts of the event
  • ​And a complimentary ticket to “The Bird’s 83rd Birthday Bash” (Valued at $250)

​And the no-brainer part is, you get this for only $1000 more than a General Entry ticket!

Ridiculous, I know!

I wanted to make this affordable, and I think I’ve achieved that.

So, you get all this for only $3997

And of course, if you want to bring a VIP partner (business or personal) just pay an extra $2000.

A Quick Recap…

​General Entry

​Access All Areas VIP

​Access All Sessions

Lunch and Light Snacks

ToeCracker's Sack - Full of Gifts

​Priority Seating

Speaker Bonuses VIPs

Bonuses -General Entry

​VIP only Day

​Event Recordings

Free ticket to Drayton's Birthday Bash - 1st 83 Only

​Your Price



​You Plus a Partner Price

​+ $1000

​You Plus a Partner VIP

​+ $2000


“The Bird’s 83rd Birthday Bash”

The whole reason we are having this event is to celebrate Drayton’s 83rd birthday.

So, on the last night of the event, we will have “The Bird’s 83rd Birthday Bash.”

Now, because the Birthday Bash will be held at a different venue, I can’t include it in the cost of your general ticket. (VIPs… I’ve got you covered!)

So again, I’ve tried to keep this as affordable as I can.

I’ve organized a special price of $250 per person. (If you want to come to the birthday bash, make sure you add that to your ticket. Don’t travel all that way and miss out!)

You can leave your wallet at home because all your food and drink are covered.

Your premium bar package ticket includes 8 hours of beer, wine, Polish Vodka, spirits and a cocktail bar. The food will be top notch.

However because I want to reward action takers, here’s the deal.

​If you are one of the first 50 people to reserve your ticket to the event . . . I’ll shout you a ticket to “The Bird’s 83rd Birthday Bash” out of my own pocket! (Aussie for “I’ll pay for you.”)

I think that’s a fair deal… how about you?

Now, if you’re still sitting there wondering if this event is right for you. Here’s some help to get you off the fence and pull the splinters out of your ass . . .

You Should Definitely Stay Home If…

  • You’re a FIGJAMmer! (“Fuck I’m Good Just Ask Me”)

    These individuals are under the misguided idea they have nothing left to learn. If they do “grace people with their presence” at events, you’ll spot them a mile away. Their egos are as big as the Baltic Sea and their personalities are as toxic as Chernobyl.

    They will intentionally try to get the attention on them, and they often disagree with the speakers just for the sake of it.

    And they often think they are too big for the room.

    Yet here’s the cold hard truth. . . unless they are more experienced than Drayton, they need to be in that room just like everyone else.

    Do us all a favor… if you’re a FIGJAMr, stay the fuck home!
  • You Think It’s Too Expensive or Can’t Spare The Time

    ​The funniest part is, this person will happily spend money on Netflix so they can binge-watch the latest series . . . they’ll eat take out . . . and they don’t think twice about spending time doing things which give them a moment of pleasure before it’s gone forever.

    Yet ask them to invest some money or time on their skills or career . . . and they scream like you’ve stabbed them!

    So, if you have no time or no money to come to the event, this is the very reason you need to do everything you can to come.

    Here’s a “ToeCracker” truth bomb for you . . . you’re not investing in us, you’re investing in yourself. And if you think you’re such a bad investment . . . stay home!  
  • Your Partner Said “No!”

    ​Seriously, if you call yourself a copywriter or marketer and you can’t sell the idea of you going to an event where you’ll rub shoulders with copywriting and marketing legends, to your partner… then you need to hand in your badge!

    I have added in the Partner price to help you get over this objection. Because I know the best way to convince someone, especially a partner, is to involve them.

    Show them what you do and get them excited!

    Let’s cut through the bullshit . . . your partner isn’t the problem, you are! If you need to use them as an excuse . . . you’re better off staying at home.
  • ​You Think You Can Learn The Same Stuff From Your Gurus Who Might Be At The Event

    ​I have nothing against ‘Goo Roos’. In fact, I’m friends with many of them.

    However there is something you should know . . .

    You’ve probably heard the old (now often argued about) saying that “you only retain 10% of what you read and 20% of what you hear.” Now don’t get caught up on the percentages, because that’s not what’s important.

    What is important is . . . even if your guru is a great note taker, they are only retaining a small percentage of what they experience.

    And then they pass on that small percentage to you. The worst part is . . . it probably isn’t the percentage you would have got yourself.

    So, if you’re happy to get an ultra-diluted version of what was actually said . . . stay at home and enjoy your blissful ignorance.

​Now, if you can’t find yourself on the list above, then you’re probably on the next list . . .

​You Should Definitely Come To The Event When . . .

  • ​You’re serious about boosting you copywriting/ marketing career
  • You know how important it is to get out of your “comfort” zone
  • You want to level up your skills by using the closely guarded secrets of the Industry Elite
  • You have an adventurous spirit and like to experience new things
  • The idea of rubbing shoulders with Copywriting Legends, A-listers and Name Takers excites you
  • ​You understand the value in building relationships
  • You know the best investment you’ll ever make is the one you make in yourself
  • You know this is a once in a lifetime event, and you just have to be there!
  • You want to hang out with your peers and industry greats… and attend the birthday party of the century!

Hopefully, you’re on the last list. If you are, secure your ticket now.

You Choose… 1 or 2?

​It’s time to choose, and the way I see it, you have 2 options.

​Option 1

​You can “flip the bird” at the idea of traveling to Gdansk and turn your back on the opportunity of  lifetime to attend this watershed event.  

You’ll do what you’ve always done and get the results you’ve always got.

You can keep listening to the false prophets (with the false profits) on social media . . . and self-medicate with Netflix binges to numb the disappointment and to silence the “it should be me” voice screaming in your head!

You can continue to eat at the kid's table in the copywriting world. Playing a small game and only managing to scrape by.

You can continue to treat your business as a hobby and waste time while savvy business folks apply direct response and copywriting to enjoy sales you could only ever fantasize about.

And if that’s the way you want your life to be . . . then so be it.

Because you know what . . . mediocrity suits some people.

However f it doesn’t suit you, then maybe option 2 is more your style . . .

​Option​ 2

You push the “Shut Up And Take My Money” button.

And when you do, you’ll:
•    Claim your rightful place at the adult’s table of the copywriting world and business world

•    Join the industry elite at this never to be repeated event

•    Have unprecedented access to speakers who are so busy working and making money in the dark . . . they rarely speak at events

•    Make connections with some of the smartest and dynamic people in the industry

. . . Yet most of all, you’ll be a part of history as we celebrate
 a man who has made the Direct Marketing world a much
 better place for us all . . . a man I’m proud to call my friend,
the one and only Drayton Bird.

Get your ticket now…

. . . Yet most of all, you’ll be a part of history as we celebrate a man who has made the Direct Marketing world a much better place for us all . . . a man I’m proud to call my friend, the one and only Drayton Bird.

Get your ticket now…

Remember… don’t wait around for the “next one” because it’s not going to happen.

The fact that all of these speakers could come together at the same time for this event is nothing short of a miracle.

It will not happen again.

​As Good As This Line Up Is, There’s
 Still Something Missing . . .

Right now, we have the speakers, the venue and the only thing we are missing is YOU.

And I can’t make you push that button . . . only you can do that.

So, go ahead and click it now. Don’t make me “ToeCrack” your ass!

Get your ticket now while you have this letter open!

And I’ll see you in Gdansk in August.

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.”



​P.S. Where will you be on the 22-24 August 2019? Will you be doing what you’ve always done and getting the same results you always get.

Or will you be in Gdansk, Poland rubbing shoulders with Copywriting Legends, A-listers and Name Takers as we celebrate the man who forgot more about direct response copy in the last hour than we’ll ever learn in our whole lifetime?

And you’ll have an advantage over your competitors and Wanker-preneurs! And that makes it all worth it. See you in August!

​P.P.S. The list of distinguished guests is as impressive as the speaker list. This will be a unique opportunity for you to rub shoulders and network with the industry elite. You won’t get this opportunity again!

P.P.P.S. Back in 2005, when Gary Bencivenga held his 100 Seminar (when he retired) people said it was too expensive and they were too busy to go . . . and they have regretted their decision ever since!

In 2014, when Brian Kurtz held the Titans of Direct Response event, people said it was too expensive and they were too busy to go . . . and they have regretted their decision ever since! When people talk about this event in the future (and they will!) … will you be happy with your decision, or will you regret it?

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