"Exclusive 3-Day Event for Ambitious Marketers, Serious Copywriters and Savvy Entrepreneurs Shows You . . ."

"How To Create Market Domination On Autopilot"

Imagine a room where YOU can personally meet and ethically ‘steal’ ideas from persuasion legends like Parris Lampropoulos, Matt Bacak, Bond Halbert, & Trevor Toecracker Crook . . .

. . . and from secret money making weapons Pauline Longdon, Everte Farnell, Stephen Sommers, Barry Randall, Joakim Hansson, David Walsh and Ted Prodromou . . . who are directly responsible for growing 7-figure and 8-figure even 9 figure businesses for themselves or their clients.

For 3 full days, they’ll reveal their best-kept secrets and show a limited number of go-getters how to dominate their markets.

When you’re tired of events where you have to chase down your favorite speakers with a stick just to have a 2-minute conversation . . .

And YOU want brilliant insights which you could normally only get in a 30 thousand dollar mastermind . . .

Read on . . .

Event Host

Invitation From: Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

G’Day Friend,

You’re a savvy, hard-working entrepreneur.

You roll up your sleeves and get busy. You put in the hours.

. . . And after you’ve put in the hours, you strive to get even better: you take courses, hire coaches to mentor you and go to events. 

So why is it . . . you still haven’t reached market domination and taken your business to that 7-figure, 8-figure . . . or even 9-figure level you desire?

It’s simple.

You haven’t found the right lineup of Persuasion Masters willing to show you their secrets so that you can dominate ANY market.

I’m not talking about “marketing bros” flaunting their rented Ferraris on Facebook while secretly living in a hostel in Thailand, Vietnam or Bali . . . surviving on ramen noodles.

And I’m not talking about woo-woo coaches who believe the key to getting filthy rich is watching ‘The Secret’ during a full moon.

What a load of bullshit . . .

Obviously I’m talking about THE Persuasion Masters who’ve been dominating markets repeatedly. Some in the limelight and others . . . in stealth mode.

They are all real-deal pros who are happy to share their most successful money-making secrets with you . . .

. . . Because they get 12 more brilliant ideas before they drink their first cup of coffee in the morning and every single one of them . . . look forward to sharing with you in person. 

How do you find THE badass line-up of Persuasion Masters who can give you the keys to Market Domination?

You Need to Find THE Event . . . NOT Just Any Event

  • Last year, when Matt Murphy - Aussie entrepreneur in the supplement space . . . came to my event, he implemented ONE idea a speaker mentioned which he had forgotten about. That night, he implemented that ONE idea and emailed his list.

    By the time he woke up the next morning, that email generated $11,738 which Matt said, it paid for his entire trip. It covered his investment in the event, his airfares and hotel with approx.. $5,000 profit as well. Clearly He Found THE Event.
  • When legend copywriter John Carlton saw the “All-Star lineup of speakers” I put together last year, he was eager to get on stage as well. It’s rare to get John to come out of his lair, especially flying from the US to Europe to speak.

    “A true adventure, combined with marketing breakthroughs" he described it. He Found THE Event.
  • When Ande Cook and her husband Rob joined the event in 2019, they “anxiously committed, without any expectations”. What they got instead was a life-changing partnership with a savvy marketer who also attended. (He’s now speaking at the next event).

    "Trevor introduced us to each other over beers as he felt we were a good fit for each other. He was spot on. This promises to literally DOUBLE our income within 2 years and it’s well underway now." They Found THE Event.
  •  When Valentina Volcinschi - direct response copywriter . . . booked her tickets for my 2019 event, she had one goal in mind: to meet her copywriting heroes John Carlton and Drayton Bird.

    However she never dared imagine she’d make friends with the most inspirational speakers, land a $7000+ contract with a dream client, and write this very page you’re reading right now. She Found THE Event.
  • When Barry Randall . . . a very successful entrepreneur in the landscaping space . . . attended my event because he wanted to make some major breakthroughs in his own business.

    The hospitality and networking were an unexpected surprise as he never went to my Gdansk event for anything but the seminar and learning.

    But it ended up being so much more. He was amazed at what he found:

    “How often - as a regular event attendee - do you get to rub shoulders with the legends of the copywriting and marketing world? The straight-forward answer is never (unless you can invest £30k into joining a mastermind group). 

    As well as picking up some life-changing marketing ideas which have super charged my businesses, I’ve made some very important friends”.

    Barry and the ‘ToeCracker’ have since gone into a business partnership on a project as a result of the relationship ‘built’ during and after the event. Clearly, he Found THE Event.
  • When Flora Esman attended last year, she was thankful for such a “first class event and for all the speakers to be so generous in sharing ideas and open to answering questions, even my very basic ones. That is not typical of events”. She Found THE Event.
  • When Susan Bromwich - digital agency CEO, heard I had planned fun after-session events with endless food and booze included, she instantly thought of the typical awkward networking breaks where everyone’s desperately trying to sell you something.

    “You’ll find Trevor does things differently, very differently. He hosts AMAZING socials, you’ll get to enjoy first-class food, free-flowing drinks and the company of some ridiculously smart people, both presenters and attendees.

    My time is precious, so I’ll be investing again this year. I want the chance to learn from the best and get results faster.”
    She certainly Found THE Event. 
  • When Matt Bacak - multi-millionaire email marketer, came to my event last year to share some of his knowledge on stage, he was amazed at the quality of both speakers and attendees.

    He said to me . . . I cannot recall the last time I took so many notes at an event. In fact . . . he was so impressed with the overall experience and the exchange of brilliant ideas, he is now telling EVERYONE to come to my next one.

    He Found THE Event (and he’s been speaking at events for well over a decade!) Plus he said, he’s be attending even if he wasn’t speaking . . . which is unheard of. 

Is This Event For You . . . Beers Bourbon And Business Live Event

Quick Confession:

When I first put together my first Poland event in 2019, it was supposed to be a one-time ONLY event to celebrate my friend, the legendary copywriter Drayton Bird’s , 83rd birthday.

And I thought . . . what better way to celebrate this fantastic man’s birthday . . . than with an All-Star event in Europe?

Fabulous location, insane speaker lineup, great parties, amazing food and drinks, plus the opportunity to explore Europe’s hidden gems all rolled into one. 

Yet Things Did NOT Go As Expected . . .

They went a hell of a lot better!

Not only did people attending that event . . . get immense value from the training sessions . . . they got to make new friends, travel together, explore Europe . . .

… AND make a ton of $$$ over meals, drinks, and walks through the city!

  • One smart entrepreneur sealed a $20,000/month deal with another attendee
  • A copywriter started a $7000+ collaboration with a supplement business owner
  • An entrepreneurial couple started a partnership with an Amazon marketer and now they’re on their way to DOUBLING their income within 2 years
  • A go-getter who came all the way from Chicago is currently living in his dream location and is working with the legendary Mark Ford as a direct result of attending my event
  • Many other attendees has done joint ventures with each other and or other speakers . . . and
  • As for me . . . I’ve gone into a business partnership on one project potentially worth 7-figures a year with one of the attendees. He’s someone I now consider a very good friend.

Imagine yourself getting similar results just from attending my next event.

In the image below, all of the attendess and speakers ay my last event . . . all agreed one really had just one thing . . .
YOU should be at the next one.

It’s No wonder people started begging me to put together another event this year . . . not just attendees, also speakers who’d filled their notebooks with ideas and tips from other speakers.

Fair dinkum . . . I hadn’t even nursed my hangover at the August event when people started asking me when the next event was happening and to take their money now for their VIP spot. Actually that started at the VIP function.

People who’ve flown in from Australia, South Africa, Costa Rica and the United States just to attend that event . . . were more excited about the next event this May . . . than I was when I got invited to a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion!

Naturally, I didn’t want to disappoint them and I do love to throw memorable parties.

So I spent the past few months planning something so mind-fucking ‘over-the-top’ . . . no one in their right mind could possibly say “Pass” . . .
WITHOUT choking on their FOMO.

Announcing . . .

Beers Bourbon And Business Live Event

16-18 May, 2023 - Gdansk, Poland

The Only Event Where Persuasion Legends And “Secret Weapon” Underdogs . . . Spill Their Million-Dollar Secrets To Market Domination

Come meet and learn from Parris Lampropoulos, Matt Bacak, Bond Halbert, Ted Prodromou, Pauline Longdon, Stephen Sommers, Barry Randall, David Walsh, Everte Farnell, Joakim Hansson and yours truly Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

I’ll give you the all details about the speakers and the event in a moment . . .

Before I do . . . here’s a few necessary explanations.

If you weren’t at my event last year and you’re not part of my community on Facebook . . . You’ve probably got more questions rolling around your head than a teenager who woke up to his first boner:

“Beers, Bourbon And Business? Is this like... a drinking game?”

“Why Gdansk, Poland . . . Was season 4 of Games of Thrones filmed there?”

The short answers are NO . . . and Hell NO!
Let me expand . . .

Why Beers Bourbon And Business?

I chose this name for THREE major reasons . . .

Reason #1

Beers Bourbon and Business is the name of my Facebook Community.

It’s the kind of group where accomplished entrepreneurs and savvy marketers bounce ideas off each other and generously share their wins and their losses with complete transparency.

It’s a community I see growing in ways that stun me every single day and I learn as much from the other members as they learn from me.

So I found it appropriate to name this year’s event after it.

Because this is the kind of event where you don’t just get to meet bloody amazing speakers . . . there’s also incredibly smart attendees who’re eager to share insights with you. 

  • Last year, Drayton Bird said he’d never seen such a savvy and educated audience! And this man has spoken on stages in over 50 countries during his 60-year career in advertising…
  • John Carlton was also impressed with the quality of the people attending:

    “My friend Trevor really knows how to put on a top-notch show. He not only put together an All-Star lineup of speakers, but filled the room with savvy marketers eager to learn and move up a step in their careers.” 
  • Susan Bromwich couldn’t stop talking about how much she grew as a marketer after this 3-day event:

    “Trevor’s last event was like no other business or marketing conference I’ve attended. The speakers were mind-blowing, real experts in their field. I learned from every one of them. This isn’t airy-fairy theory – presentations were crammed with real-life marketing tests and results. This is the stuff that makes me a better marketer.”

Reason #2

The best deals & friendships start over drinks, whatever your “poison” is . . . even if you don’t drink alcohol

Whether it’s beers, bourbon, sparkling water or diet coke . . . the most profitable partnerships and deepest friendships are sealed over drinks.

  • NOT in stuffy conference rooms while sipping stale coffee and trying to remember the name of the guy next to you without gawking at their name tag.
  • NOT during breaks between sessions when you’re standing in line to take a piss, hoping you’ll catch your favorite speaker on their way to emptying their bladder.
  • NOT during those boring as bat shit, business card swapping “networking” events that speakers avoid like someone released a room-clearing mega fart. 

Here’s why:

I’ve been both a speaker and an attendee at a lot of events on almost every continent on the planet.

Most of these events gather hundreds of people.

Which means if you want one-on-one time with a speaker, you’re competing with ALL those other folks.

As a speaker, I can honestly say at such events . . .

. . . I couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of there and bolt to my hotel room the minute the sessions were over.

Why? Because I couldn’t even take a piss without someone offering to unzip my pants, and “ask a question while we were at it”.

Look . . .

As an attendee, I get it.

I know how important it is to get one-on-one time with your favorite speakers.

That’s how life-long friendships start.

That’s how deals are sealed.

That’s how partnerships are born.

Hell, I started what could potentially be a 7-figure a year, partnership with one of the attendees at my event and it’s been the best move we’ve both made this year!

So I know how crucial it is to get to know people and talk business . . .

However it’s NOT going to happen during a 15-minute coffee break or at an awkward networking evening where everyone’s shoving their “elevator pitch” so far down your throat . . . you want to gag. 

“Hey, is that a stack of cards in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Crikey! I can touch the cringe with a ten-foot pole.

And that’s why I’m doing things MY way.

The ToeCracker way . . .

Aka the insanely fun way where you get to . . .

  • Spend one-on-one time with all the ridiculously smart speakers you admire and show them how freakishly cool you are
  • Make friends with fellow entrepreneurs over amazing food which never stops, copious drinks and *gasp* excellent coffee > which is all my treat!
  • Party with us and hear “war stories” from the business trenches you’ll never forget (no matter how much Polish vodka you drink)

However don’t take it from me, take it from a few of last year’s attendees:

“Trevor knows how to “do it right” when it comes to catered parties. Several extended evening private parties allowed us to get to know our fellow attendees and presenters, intimately. As a direct result we are now in business with several of the people we met there, in ventures we otherwise would never have even contemplated.”

- Ande & Rob Cook (USA) 

“Come to Poland and you’ll have real conversations, make genuine connections and leave with new friends, bigger aspirations and interesting business opportunities – I know I did.”

- Susan Bromwich (UK)

“I’ve met one of my best copywriting clients over drinks at one of Trevor’s amazing parties. We talked about everything: from weird facts about the human brain to music genres to PornHub (hey, I did say we talked about EVERYTHING).

He later told me he would’ve never hired a copywriter without meeting in real life first, which would’ve been very difficult had it not been for the event. We literally live a world apart.”

- Valentina Volcinschi (Romania)

“It was a great event - the organized evening functions added a lot to the experience. Outside of private masterminds, you don't get this at events. All downhill from here unless Trevor does another one. Kudos to Trevor.”

- Nik Thakorlal (Australia)

“The echelon of speakers, the attendees the friendships and partnerships that were made were amazing.

As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to see so many of them who I now call friends again at the next event in May. Now don’t even ask me to start describing the amazing food, the parties, the atmosphere, the beautiful city . . .I could just go on and on.

There is no doubt Trevor knows how to throw an event, and I would highly recommend attending the next one. This is not one of those huge events, so make sure you register before all the spots are gone. I hope to see you in Gdansk!”

- Ron Tager (USA)

Important Note: The event is limited to 60 people + speakers! This way, you can get quality one-on-one time with all the speakers and your new friends.

Reason #3

It’s not a copywriting event. It’s a life-changing business event for savvy entrepreneurs.

Last year, the event was leaned more heavily towards copywriting.

And yet, there were so many entrepreneurs in the room who immediately scaled their businesses using just a couple tips they wrote down during sessions . . .

Which made me decide to dedicate this year’s event to the ONE aspect everyone . . . copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs - wants the most:

Market Domination.

That’s why I gathered a lineup of famous Persuasion Masters who are well-known for building 7-figure and 8-figure businesses . . . and even some 9-10 figure businesses.

Plus . . . the “Secret Weapon” Underdogs who are secretly responsible for dominating entire markets and building empires for themselves and their clients.

They all have a few crucial aspects in common which you’ll find very appealing:

  1. 1
    They’re willing to share their most profitable secrets with you.
  2. 2
    They’re always up for having insightful conversations with you.
  3. 3
    They can’t wait to learn themselves all day during the event then party all night with you.

“It was life changing just rubbing shoulders and hearing inside stories from some of my heroes and greatest minds in direct response marketing and copywriting today. And I'm so happy to find out they're not ‘full of themselves’ like all those online gurus. For me the journey has just begun. (And what a thrilling ride it's gonna be.)”

- Shlomi Shraga (Israel)

“When I think back on 2019, this will be one of the most mind blowing experiences I’ve ever had!”

- Kain Ørnø (Denmark)

“This was hands down the best event I've ever attended. I've already profited from just ONE of the ideas I learned from one of the speakers (it covered the cost of the entire trip and then some). Once I've implemented the rest of my massive list of ideas, I'm sure it will transform my entire business. See you at the next one.”

- Oliver Denyer (Sweden)

Why Gdansk, Poland?

First, take a good look at that photo.

That’s old town Gdansk, where the event will be hosted at a 5-start hotel just around the corner.

Here’s a couple more shots of the city, taken at last year’s event:

This is by far one of the most breathtaking cities I’ve ever had the chance to live in.

Yet I didn’t choose Gdansk just because it’s a city which surprises you every other second . . .

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m most famous for living the International Lifestyle for the past 15 years . . . and having an income without borders.

That means I’ve traveled to, lived in, partied in, worked in, and briefly passed through some of the most gorgeous places on the planet.

And yet, I chose this little-known city in Poland to hold the event for 3 major reasons:

Reason #1

You’re 2 (cheap) flights away from almost anywhere in the world. And if you’re in Europe, you’re probably just 1 short flight or train ride away.

Speakers & Attendees From All Around The World Exploring Gdansk Together

Last year, I had both speakers and attendees traveling from Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Costa Rica, The US and Europe . . . just to come to my event.

And none of them regretted that decision for even a one-second.

Just the opposite . . .

Here’s what John Pejchl wrote to me just a few weeks ago, when he booked his ticket for 2020:

“What did Trevor’s event in Poland mean to me?


After coming back from the 9008-mile round trip from Chicago to the event in Gdansk, I can say the investment is paying back more than I imagined:

I moved to a location that allows my dreams to come true.

I have a writing assignment with Mark Ford. There is no way this would have happened if I didn’t go to Poland. It’s only been 4 months and I already know it is a turning point in my life.

I had a onc- a-decade, lifelong dream trip to Oberammergau, Germany set up for 2020. I cancelled it so I can make it back to the 2020 event. I’ll see you there.”

And world-renowned copywriter, the legendary
John Carlton shared this message:

“Getting me out of town is hard enough, but Trevor convinced me to travel to freaking Poland to speak at this event . . . and I'm very, very glad he did.

The sessions were tight and informative, the breaks full of hearty networking and interaction . . . 
and Gdansk is simply one of the gems of Europe.

A true adventure, combined with marketing breakthroughs."

Drayton Bird—the 83-year-old birthday boy—flew in from Bristol, UK for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Pauline Longdon, one of the amazing speakers you’ll see on stage in May, is coming back to Gdansk all the way from Brisbane, Australia. She wasn’t the only Aussie at the last event. There were 6 more.

It’s dead simple if you ask me:

If these guys were absolutely
STOKED to circle the earth just to be part of this event
. . . and they’d be willing to do it all over again . . .

. . . you can only imagine what this event could mean for you and your business!

Reason #2

You can turn this into an affordable vacation and explore Europe. And it gives you the opportunity to make some very important friends.

Speakers & Attendees Having Fun On A Spontaneous Trip To Krakow

Gdansk is one train ride or flight away from any major city in Europe.

You can go on your own European adventure or join other like-minded people you’ll meet at the event.

This could easily be the most fulfilling experience of your life, both personally and professionally.

Here’s what Rob and Ande Cook from the USA said . . .

“Without any expectations, Ande and I anxiously committed to attend Trevor Crook’s business summit in Gdansk, Poland. The event and experience changed our lives, and at age 60, that says a lot.

The setting was perfect in a beautiful hotel, city and country. The European vacation aspect alone was worth the whole investment.

most striking, influential and valuable were the networking opportunities the event provided.

Trevor attracted and assembled an amazing group of international industry leading entrepreneurs providing us the opportunity to meet, learn and party with people we otherwise would never have met.

Many have become friends as a result of the event in Poland.”

Reason #3

It’s cheaper than a two-dollar whore on Black Friday. Seriously, the cost of a 2-week stay in Gdansk can barely cover a wild weekend in Vegas.

Livin’ The “Goldwasser” Lifestyle In Gdansk
Aka . . . Posh Polish Drink With Gold Flakes In It

In Poland, you can get a 4-course meal plus more drinks than your bladder can hold at a fancy restaurant . . . and you would be flat out spending more than 30 bucks!

Here, the currency conversion is always in your favor. Which means you get more bang for your buck.

Whether you’re from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Japan, or Singapore . . . your money has magical powers here.

It can buy you a top-quality all-inclusive experience without making a dent in your budget . . . just like it do for Shirly Lim from America . . .

“This was one of the best decisions I made this year. Put travel hacking skills to use to find $600ish tickets LAST minute. Amazed to learn my home airport (OAK) is nearly a direct flight back. So nice after a long weekend. Hostel was an amazing price and walking distance to the host venue. Nothing beats $15USD/night with a more complete continental breakfast than what you'd find in the States.”

- Shirley Lim (USA)

Plus . . .

Where else do you get to see legends like Bond Halbert and Ben Simkin posing together like this?

Ok, now that we got the Wait, But Why? questions out of the way . . .

Let’s dig into the JUICY STUFF you’ve been waiting for amd take a look at . . .

Who’s Going Show You How To Achieve Market Domination on Autopilot?

Parris Lampropoulos

Parris Lampropoulos is the secret weapon behind several 8 and 9-figure businesses, both as a copywriter and a strategist.

As a strategist, he has grown sales by as much as sixteen-fold.

As a copywriter, he specializes in “beat the control” assignments, where companies take their best-performing ads and hire Parris to beat them.

He wins about 85% of the time . . . and often lifts response by 50% . . . 100% … or more. Several of his ads have run unbeaten for over a decade. UNBEATEN!

Parris is universally known as one of THE best copywriters today. He and his team have generated close to one billiondollars in sales.

He’s also a face on Brian Kurtz “Mount Rushmore of Copywriters” for the revenues he generated at Boardroom. 

Parris is notoriously publicity-shy.

He has no website, no business cards, no social media presence, and his business has an unlisted number.

He turns down most offers to work with him, turns down most interviews, and turns down most speaking engagements. 

Bond Halbert

While other kids were out shooting hoops with their dad, Bond was learning the finer points of direct response marketing with his dad, the late and great, Gary Halbert.

Bond was Gary’s first protégé, the recipient of the famed “Boron Letters,” and was Gary’s sidekick when he attended high-level meetings.

Although he had a famous dad, Bond has proven himself to be a top copywriter, marketer, and mentor in his own right. He’s sold millions of dollars of info-products and guides businesses to success. In fact, he is constantly sought out by some of the top marketers on the planet for his advice.

Bond published the very first book ever written on editing sales copy which many copywriters labeled an instant classic because it’s written in that characteristic Halbert style of being simple yet highly effective way of showing readers how to keep a prospect’s attention.

After being the copy chief to some of the largest financial promotions of our time, Bond pioneered many tactics for getting the highest email open rates in any industry.

Bond is often regarded by top copywriters like Craig Clemens, Thomas Bell, Sam Markowitz, and many others as the best copywriting instructor in the world for good reason.

After 40 years watching so many copywriters get mentored by his father, his colleagues, and training copywriters himself, Bond has perfected the lessons any aspiring wordsmith needs to start writing effective copy with lightning speed.

Bond is one of the most generous people I know, so I know he is going to over deliver at this event!

Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak is the founder of the EPC Institute and an Award-Winning Email Marketer.

He started marketing online in 1997 and has been email marketing since 1999. In 2003, he made his first million dollars from email marketing. 

He has sent well over a billion emails in the last 18 years. At last count, he's done over 8,000 email split test rounds.

His lists are growing by up to 10,978 subscribers a DAY!

He runs the List-Building club on Facebook with over 18,000 Amazing List Building Club Members. He holds the record for most affiliates ever signed up for a JV Giveaway launch... 2,656. He even holds the record on Clickbank for the highest gravity ever.

Matt Bacak's book "The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan" became a "#1 Best Selling Book" in just a few short hours using the secret power of leads and big lists.

He has helped a number of clients target his specialty, opt-in email direct marketing systems. He is not only a sought-after digital marketer but has also marketed for some of the world's top experts whose reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their email marketing.

And his passion is helping people like you make more money from email because Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing repertoire.

Barry Randall

About 10 years ago, Barry Randall made a big discovery.

He discovered that in life we all have choices. Until that point, he had toiled away working manual labour jobs and trying desperately to find some level of success.

That “effort” had put me £90,000 in debt, on the verge of bankruptcy, and feeling like a complete and utter failure to my wife and children.

Then, as fate would have it, he met a business coach who introduced me to leadership and marketing. Barry embraced both.

For the next 7 years, Barry built his business, repaid his debts, and dabbled in mentoring and consultancy . . . sharing what he had discovered with people, who were now in his once unenviable position.

In February 2019 after joining John Carlton’s Platinum Mastermind Group, he made his second discovery. You can make up in effort what you lack in knowledge. And that maybe, just maybe those years of toil were worth it.

There I was in my second only Mastermind meeting having delivered on my goals of writing and publishing a book in 3 months when Lord Carlton swiftly creates the ‘Barry Quotient’.

Which was a measure of how much a member can implement between meetings.

Since then, there has been 2 more books, a podcast, a whole host of live events and a mastermind group with the ToeCracker.

Barry has since turned his 90,000 debt into a 7-figure profit. 

David Walsh

David walsh has exploded YouTube channels for himself and his clients for many years. One client went viral with 1 video alone getting 1.1 million views in just 5 weeks . . . and gross revenue increasing from £3m in business to £12m in just 12 months.

Another client went from getting 800 views per month to getting 40,000 Views in just 2 weeks, on 1 video . . . and all metrics have increased between 5-10X in just 1 month . . . while working with David.

When not creating magic for his clients, David enjoys sprinting, lifting heaving things, Bruce Lee movies and wearing red.

Ted Prodromou

Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, is the award-winning, best-selling author of 5 books including Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business (Entrepreneur Press).

Ted is a social selling expert and the founder of Search Marketing Simplified, LLC, a full service social media marketing agency.

The SMS team creates advanced LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and social media lead-generation strategies for small to medium-sized businesses with over $100 million in revenue generated. 

Pauline Longdon

Pauline continues to make big waves in the copywriting world.

Her background as a Major in the Australian Army gave her the grit and discipline she needed to earn her chops quickly in direct response copywriting and marketing.

In her goal to become a world-class copywriter and marketing strategist, she’s been mentored by the who’s who of the industry. Pauline believes, that when you learn from a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy . . . you experience the “Law of Diminishing Quality.” 

So, to get the best you need to learn directly from the best.
And that’s
EXACTLY what she’s done.

She’s made it her business to learn directly from industry legends such as Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Carline Anglade Cole, David Deutsch, Lorrie Morgan, Ted Nicholas, Drayton Bird and Trevor Crook.

And she’s the first Australian woman to be a coveted copy cub of Parris Lampropoulos (one of the best copywriters alive today).

Her copy speaks for itself. She is the secret weapon for a select group of clients. (NDA’s prevent her from telling you who they are. But trust me, you know their names).

Pauline has a rare gift for breaking down concepts into easy-to-understand takeaways.

Her ability to read “behind the lines” gives her a unique insight into the lives of the people she writes to.

As a speaker, Pauline has a friendly, conversational style that is easy to listen to. She will definitely give you a lot to think about as she delivers knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb. 

Everte Farnell

Everte has been described by Dan Kennedy as a “schizophrenic” entrepreneur, because he has found success in businesses as diverse as contracting, direct in-home sales, info-publishing, and as a direct marketing strategist and copywriter.

Because his knowledge and experience spans so many different fields, he can see past the challenges faced by most business owners and find powerful, money making solutions and opportunities most other entrepreneurs and consultants never see.

His client list includes the largest direct marketing companies in the world, including multiple branches of the billion dollar a year behemoth - Agora, some of the most successful commercial and residential contractors in the US, professional practices, and countless other info-marketing and bricks & mortar businesses.

He is the author of 19 books about marketing and success mindset.

Everte is a master story-teller, and his knowledge of and ability to share the secrets and techniques of the most powerful influencers in history makes him a go-to expert for anyone looking to radically increase their sales and profits.

"Everte is a highly-skilled direct-response copywriter" - Dan Kennedy

"There are few people I’m willing to show my copy to before it goes live, because, frankly, most copywriters suck. Everte Farnell is someone I can rely on for spot-on advice as well as kick-butt changes that make a big difference. You’d be wise to have Everte write or scrutinize your copy. His words have a huge up-side.” - Matt Furey - Author of Combat Conditioning

And of course, there’s me . . . your host . . .

Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

I’m known as the Crocodile Dundee of direct response copywriters. It’s a title I’m happy to have. I often have people try to impress me with their copy and the profits it's made them.

Yet as soon as I see their copy, I can instantly see where they are leaving money on the table. A quick “That’s not a profit! This is a profit” tweak . . . and they are making more money than they thought humanly possible.

Over the last 12 years I have mentored many copywriters across the globe. 

And many of them went on to become world class and A-List copywriters and work for companies such as Agora Financial.

And I do it all while I live the International Lifestyle.

Long before I got into copywriting and marketing . . . I was in the banking profession.

Most of which was as a commercial lending manager.

During my banking career I estimate I interviewed over 10,000 business owners, pulled apart in excess of 35,000 sets of financial statements over a 20 year banking career.

This included 5 years as a self-employed commercial finance broker . . . brokering multi-million dollar deals for my clients between the greedy banks.

Since 2001, my breakthrough advertising and marketing strategies have consistently helped my clients double, triple, even quadruple their business.

At times . . . even more.

Here’s what Matt Furey said about me.

“Trevor Crook has a rare ability to find the financial leaks in any business that most great entrepreneurs cannot see. Once found, his powerful and insightful marketing methods quickly increase income while creating customer loyalty. 

If you want the 'straight-scoop' with zero fluff, then pay attention to everything Trevor teaches about copywriting and marketing.

He is one of those rare marketers who can turn words into a magic elixir . . . from the stage or through his sensational copy. He has a knack for turning lemons into lemonade . . .”

– Matt Furey

And here’s an extra incentive for you to join my event and show us just how fucking amazing you are . . .

Two previous attendees will be speaking at this year’s event.

They’re no slouches either and have both earned the right to be on my stage in a HUGE way.

And who knows . . . next year it could be you. 

Stephen Somers

Stephen and his business partner Robert, have built an 8-figure empire.

Which includes them being Amazon Super Sellers who have sold items globally and built a 'mini empire' on Amazon WITHOUT any outside funding.

And now they help other entrepreneurs and business owners to build 6 - 7 Figure Global Amazon Businesses . . . From scratch . . . selling simple high profit, low competition products.

I first met Stephen early in 2019 at an event in London we were both speaking at.

He blew my fucking mind with his knowledge on business, direct marketing, systems and how to scale. He’s one truly savvy person.

Joakim Hannson

Joakim Hannson is a direct response marketer with 32 years of business experience as a CEO and CMO of 8 and 9-figure companies.

He’s been using Google AdWords since 2004 and Facebook Ads since 2009. In his career, he has overseen well over $1 billion in sales.

In 2013, Joakim founded the direct response ad agency
Win Win Win Marketing with a mission “To Turn Advertising Into Profits.”

Together with his team, they work with select online businesses who are willing and able to spend $25,000-$100,000 and more on ads per month.

Win Win Win Marketing handles and scales high-volume ad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network (GDN) and Native Ad Networks (Taboola, etc.)

What Money-Making Secrets Are We Going To Share With You?

The event is in May . . . yet some of the speakers have already shared a rough outline of their presentations with me (I may have twisted their arm a bit . . . )

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll be hearing during the training sessions:

Parris Lampropoulos

The Single Greatest Marketing Secret

Here’s a glance at what you’ll discover from Parris Lampropoulos : 

  • The Single Greatest Marketing Secret (And The #1 Tool You Can Use When Building Your Business)
  • A simple marketing strategy you can use to double your sales in less than a year
  • Three ways to increase your revenue AND the number of customers who buy from you
  • 5 techniques for growing your business and converting more prospects to buyers
  • 2 secrets to wow your customers and get them positively addicted to your company
  • The biggest mistake marketers make when selling their products and services (and what to do instead)
  • C_____ R______: One of the most important things you can do to make more money . . .

Bond Halbert

Bond’s BIG Four . . .

  1. 1
    5 Week Branding System:
  2. 2
    Use this system to become recognized as a top expert in your field in under 31 days. This kind of branding helps ensure you get top dollar for your products and services as well as reduce objections to sales. This is a must for anyone or any company offering higher priced offers.
  1. 2
    The Culture Cure For Industry Domination:
  2. 3
    Ever notice that some providers in your business get a stellar reputation they do NOT deserve while others who are better choice to work with struggle to gain traction in your field of expertise?

    If you build the right culture surrounding your business customers are happier and will swear your business is the best option, they leave 5 start reviews, and ensure the kind of customer satisfaction which grows your business fast.

    I’ll show you the best way to make sure your business is considered the gold standard in your industry.
  1. 3
    The $50 Monster Advertising Campaign:
  2. 6
    How to start a self-funding advertising campaign which will make your business an internationally recognized enterprise.
  1. 4
    How To Build An Army of Raving Diehard Super Fans For Free:
  2. 8
    Once you implement this simple and free system, this you will have a crowd of people who will give you free advertising, buy everything you sell and even defend your reputation from others in a way where new customers feel forced to choose your offers.

Matt Bacak

11 Short Email Copt Secrets Which Work

With over 8,000 split tests of proven email data and having emailed over ONE billion emails . . . Matt knows exactly what he’s talking about. 

  • Matt will reveal all 11 of his proven short email copy secrets
  • Discover why short, attention grabbing, revenue-getting emails are different and why they’re convert much better than long emails
  • The #1 most critical metric when it comes to email marketing
  • You will get up close and personal with Matt’s email split test data . . . the kind of date which has generates up to 10,978 new leads . . . daily. Picture yourself getting similar results
  • Why email can get customers to Customers spend 138% more than those who don’t sign up for email offers.
  • The ONE little-known yet critical aspect that will get you 320% more revenue
  • The #1 most important email marketing equation in the world. It’s not what you might think
  • Revealed: Why email marketing has an ROI of 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail
  • The #1 reason why you must approach your business like a boxer about the enter the ring . . .

Some fools run their mouths with claims like:

“Email marketing is dead.”

That’s what a digital marketer told Matt recently while trying to sell messenger bot software to him.

Yet . . . email isn’t going anywhere.

When he talks everyone is glued to their seats, hanging off of every single word.

At my last event in August when he spoke, you could have heard a pin drop from the attendees and other speakers.

People were taking notes like crazy. It will be the same in may.

Matt’s presentation this time however is different.

I’ve been fortunate to see his new talk twice. The first time at an event in Barcelona last October and again when we shared the stage together in Thailand juts before Christmas.

So I know firsthand just how mind blowing this will be for you by the time he walks off stage in Gdansk. 

Barry Randall

The Life Lesson Leadership Model Which Turned
My £90,000 Debt into A 7 Figure Profit

  • Why delegating “stuff” instead of responsibility will keep your email inbox hotter than Death Valley in the middle of July
  • The 7000lb management RHINO that will give you the horn every time you turn up for a meeting
  • How to stop playing with your ideas and get shit done after you’ve got shit learned.
  • How Barry uses his LION method to manage 5 businesses and generate £6,000,000 (over $7.1 million USD) in annual revenue
  • The This-That-Them strategy to eliminate any emotion from people challenges
  • The 90-day consistence versus growth plan which allows Barry to never work on Mondays – ever! And how you can do the same
  • Why business owners cause more damage to their business than termites in an antique furniture store . . .

David Walsh

Hijacking The YouTube Algorithm To Have Your
Competition Send YOU All The Traffic

  • What YouTube REALLY IS… (and it’s not just a Search Engine…)
  • Why trying to rank in Search on YouTube is Dead, and has been for YEARS
  • The 2 things YouTube is looking to do Trillions of times a day
  • Where 75% of all traffic on YouTube comes from (and how to get YouTube to hijack your competitors views)
  • What YouTube audiences are really looking for (and it’s not “How To”!)
  • Case Study of how a client’s YouTube Channel metrics increased 5-10X in just 1 month
  • Case Study of how a client got 1.1 MILLION views in 5 weeks and sold out a 1000 person event

Ted Prodromou

A Direct Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

  • 5 keyword hotspots which skyrocket you to the top of the world’s largest B2B search engine.
  • Irresistible LinkedIn invitation messages that receive an 80% or better acceptance rate
  • The ice-breaking welcome message strategy that lowers the reader's guard and starts a friendly “get to know you” conversation. 
  • This easy-to-use approach gets people to share some very personal details with you (sometimes too much information!) in your first LinkedIn message exchange.
  • Turn your new LinkedIn connections into email subscribers (with their full permission) with one simple phrase.
  • The easiest way to move your new LinkedIn connections into your Facebook, Google and LinkedIn Custom/Matched Audiences so you can run retargeting ads to your LinkedIn connections
  • How to use “keep in touch” messages to re-activate old clients and get back on the radar of cold leads
  • Creative LinkedIn messages you can use to fill your webinars and live events
  • Surefire messages that get people to call you . . .

Pauline Longdon

The Rise of the Skeptical AF Cognizant Consumer:

What you need to know to make them willingly give you their money and rave about it.

  • Who is the cognizant consumer, where did they come from, and why should you even care (and you should!)
  • How to identify the cognizant consumer and how to write copy specifically for them (hit them where they live)
  • Where are they and how to find their soft underbelly so you can sell to them like they like it
  • What they want and who they want it from . . . and how to be the one they want it from
  • When and how to open up your Arsenal of Emotions to defuse even the strongest skeptic (do this wrong and you’ll blow yourself up!)
  • How to Make the Unbelievable Sound 100% Believable

Stephen Somers

The Persuasion Secrets Behind My 8-Figure Business
That YOU Can Use To Scale Yours or Your Clients’ Business 

  • The “Perpetual Sales System” that runs my entire 8 figure business and how you can successfully “program” it into any kind of business
  • The 3 email launch campaigns that make almost all of our profit and how you can “steal” them to boost your own profit without even lifting a finger
  • The 5 day “fast funnel” that every company should be using if they want to see that juicy ROI rolling in their bank accounts on fast-forward
  • How to make more sales of your core offer by repurposing old or free content—and shave hours off your weekly schedule while making passive income
  • The #1 way to instantly add value to yours or anyone else’s business that even beginners can master
  • How to create offers that have prospects begging to join, wallets open and eager to give you their credit card info
  • How to become an indispensable “agent of growth” in yours or your client’s business with one weird trick that never gets old . . .

Joakim Hannson

How To Handle And Scale High-Volume Ad Campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network (GDN) and Native Ad Networks

  • When less is more - the importance of the quality of ads and when too much testing can be a waste of your money
  • “The 100,000-Dollar-Ad.” Why it pays off to focus on great ad copy and ideas, especially in tricky niches such as finance publishing
  • How we generated 23,523 seminar registrants in 7 months . . . With just one ad responsible for 90% of this result
  • How to write direct response ad copy which never gets banned
  • The exact strategy we used to scale two Facebook ad accounts from 0 to $110,000/month in ad spend for weight loss and dating offers
  • One simple advice which stopped Facebook from notoriously banning our client’s ad account (Facebook banned him 7 times in 2 months). Now our client spends 6 figures per month on Facebook using this strategy
  • Case Study: YouTube vs Facebook. Similar lead cost . . . 400% difference in sales
  • $5,500 A/B Test: Are chatbots going to dominate the market . . . And is email marketing dying for real?
  • How to earn 250% more . . . By doubling the cost per sale (CPA)
  • EXPOSED! Why Facebook’s and Google’s Data is not accurate and what this means to you when trying to scale. The truth will shock you
  • Why Facebook and Google’s tracking pixels are useless when it comes to scaling campaigns profitably . . . And what professionals do to fix it

Everte Farnell

Small Things Which Can Generate HUGE Results

  •  Discover where to find the most powerfully influential people on the face of the Earth - they are NOT where you think they are
  • Translate these influencer’s technics and strategies into your business, no matter what kind of business it is
  • Discover the only 5 ways you can build a business - and how to use them to achieve exponential growth
  • 4 ways to keep your customers loving you. They will ignore rational thought, block out others who suggest doing business with your competitors and fantasize about giving you more money
  • 7 easy ways to increase your customer value
  • 3 ways to have your customers banging down your door to throw more money at you
  • How to turn the most irrational, unlikely, completely non-intuitive aspect in your business . . . do a simple change and get massive results
  • Small things - HUGE RESULTS! It’s often very small things which make huge differences in business. This isn’t a new idea yet ignored by at least 98.7% of business owners
  • Everte will rattle off at least 4 small things you can apply immediately for massive profits
  • How he almost doubled his revenue by telling his customers “NO” . . . by applying just one of the ‘four small things’ above . . .

Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

Happy Hookers, Mental Orgasms and The Proposal

Don’t let the title of my talk fool you.

It’s got nothing to do with actual hookers, sex or marriage.

It’s all about getting more leads, converting customers and increased profits through a combination of big ideas, hooks and outrageous offers.


Because these compel people to hand you their cash or credit card as if they’ve been hypnotised.

And NO . . . I’m not talking about using unethical strategies.

Just the opposite.

Your ideal prospects and customers are mentally asking you in their own minds . . . why they should buy your products or services over and above any of your competitors.

Here’s a tease of what I’ll talk about . . .

  • How to probe yourself like a proctologist to discover the BIG idea buried deep inside in your own business and then generate massive profits
  • Discover what a mental orgasm is and why you should be having them daily . . . because WITHOUT them, you’ve got less chance of success than a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infest creek
  • REVEALED: The BIG idea I recommended to a client which was so outrageous, his business partner flipped his lid when he first heard about it.

    Yet, that 60-second, radical marketing strategy generated an extra $100,000 net profit in the first month. You can model this for yourself and enjoy the profits
  • The shocking truth bomb about pricing. Never compete on pricing ever again
  • Proven strategies to discover the big idea in your own business . . . when combined with an offer so outrageous . . . your competition thinks you’re insane and likely going to go out of business.

    They’d be WRONG.

    One client in the weight loss niche was laughing all the way to the bank . . . after my big idea and sales copy helped them increase sales $275 Million a year within 2 years. 
  • The RIGHT way to position yourself for higher conversions WITHOUT more leads . . . at whatever price you see yourself wanting. Especially when you’re a consultant, business coach, copywriter or ANY business owner providing quotes or proposals.

    The client’s I’ve taught this to already . . . one increased conversions 260% in 3 months, another 400% in almost 4 months. Many double their conversions within 3 months. Same amount of leads . . . yet simply converting much more.

Important Note:

This is less than 25% of what you’ll be hearing during the training sessions alone!

These gold nuggets are just a teaser.

And as much as we both might like a good tease . . . just wait till you hear these brilliant people on stage!

I’m telling you . . .

Get your jaw used to hitting the floor . . . because you don’t want that to distract you from taking notes like a robot going into overdrive.

These guys and gals have made more millions, for themselves or for their clients, than the coins Scrooge McDuck swims in.

So if you’re not going to be there LIVE watching them reveal their best-kept secrets to building 7-figure and 8-figure businesses . . .

You’ll never know the feeling of absolute ecstasy when you implement even 1 of these simple tips and see your bank account notifications go NUTS!

“I've already profited from just ONE of the ideas I learned from one of the speakers (it covered the cost of the entire trip and then some). Once I've implemented the rest of my massive list of ideas, I'm sure it will transform my entire business.
- Oliver Denyer (attendee at my last event)

“OK STOP Teasing ToeCracker

Give Me All The Event Details FFS!”

Much obliged!

It’s my absolute pleasure to show you everything I’ve planned for you . . .

. . . starting with the training session and ending with the special VIP Day and Night that only a handful of people will get access to.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Beers Bourbon And Business LIVE Event Details

16-18 May, 2023 - Gdansk, Poland

For those of you flying in a couple of days before, there's a Meet and Greet function on 15th May from 6pm to 9pm.

  • Amazing food plus a 3-hour open bar.
  • This will be on the top floor of the hotel’s restaurant which is entirely reserved for us.
  • First 30 people are free – after that $150 per person.

16-17TH MAY – Market Domination Event

  • This is where your head explodes with all the knowledge you get from the brilliant speakers on stage. Seriously, wear a helmet!
  • These will also be the 2 most profitable days of your life . . . IF you implement the secrets you hear during these sessions.
  • You’ll also get coffee breaks where you’ll enjoy tasty snacks and excellent coffee, tea, various drinks and water to keep you hydrated . . . plus a copious lunch each day where you’ll “chew the fat” with other savvy entrepreneurs, including the speakers. 

EXTRA: 18TH MAY – VIP Day and Night

  • This is limited to 27 people (and 18 of them have already been snatched up.)
  • A secret VIP meet up where you’ll get your individual questions answered by the speakers.
  • A very special VIP training by the one and only Parris lampropoulos. This alone could cover the cost of the entire event.
  • A VIP exclusive lunch and also dinner with the speakers. This starts in the afternoon and will go into the early hours of the morning.


A 5-start hotel located right in the old town of Gdansk, Poland.

The excat location will be provided once you reserve your seat/s.

The room will be set up to take 60 people plus the speakers.

I can fit a lot more however . . . I’m restricting it so you can network better with the speakers as well as your fellow attendees.

Word of warning:

Lots of the savvy folks who attended last year’s event are coming back this year . . . and I’m expecting a whole bunch more as word as mouth spreads fast and others are hounding me to give me money now to secure their seats.

If you’re not already itching to grab your wallet and grab your ticket . . .

What the hell is wrong with you?

Just kidding. If you’re still on the page, you’re clearly one of the smart ones and we’ll get along perfectly.

So let me give you the grand Investment tour so you can choose your favorite option: 

Your Investment . . .

General Entry Ticket

You’ll get:

  • Access to all the sessions on the 16-17 May 2023
  • Tasty, healthy snacks, excellent coffee, tea, and drinks to keep you hydrated . . . plus a copious lunch included

For only $3000

If you want to bring a partner (business or personal) pay an extra $1500.

3 Easy Payments:

I can give you 3 easy payments until the 15 February 2023.

After that, I will remove the 3 easy payments option.

Crazy huh?

Click through to see the easy payments.

3 x $1100 (for one)
3 x $1600 for one + a partner

Access All Areas VIP Ticket

There are only 27 VIP tickets available...

So, here’s what you’ll get as a VIP . . .

Everything the General Entry Ticket holders get, plus . . .

  • Priority seating. You’ll be seated up the front and close to the stage for an unobstructed view of the speakers
  • Speakers VIP only bonuses. Each speaker has been encouraged to give VIPs bonuses they have never given out before.
  • Audio Recordings and Full Transcripts. This way, you can revisit the sessions and implement ideas whenever you want.

BONUS: A ‘VIP ONLY’ Day and Night on 18TH MAY 2023, including:

  • A secret VIP meet up where you’ll get your individual questions answered by the speakers.
  • A VIP exclusive lunch and also dinner with the speakers. This starts in the afternoon and will go into the early hours of the morning.

We all know the best networking is done over dinner and drinks . . . and at my events . . . the drink overflow like Niagara falls!

The stunning beach front location is the perfect place for such a prestigious way to end the event with the speakers, VIPs and invited guests.

The food will be amazing (it never stops coming out the entire night) and the drinks will be overflowing for 8-hours straight.

Plus . . .

The Big Surprise . . .

Parris Lampropoulos's Special Training

I asked Parris if he would do a special presentation just for the VIP’s and special VIP guests.

He was happy to oblige.

We discussed what he will talk about however that will ONLY get revealed to the VIPs and VIP Guests on VIP Day.

What I can is this . . . brace yourself for what Parris will share with you.

Plus . . . I’ve got a few more surprises up my sleeve for VIPs . . . which you will find out about at the event. 

Good things come to those who wait!

Now here comes the shocker!

The no-brainer part is, you get ALL these VIP perks for only $1000 more than a General Entry ticket!

Ridiculous, I know!

I wanted to make this affordable, and I think I’ve achieved that.

So, you get everything for only $4000.

And of course, if you want to bring a VIP partner (business or personal) just pay an extra $2000.

3 Easy Payments:

I can give you 3 easy payments until 15 February 2023. 

After that, I will remove the 3 easy payments option.

Crazy huh?

Click through to see the easy payment options.

3 x $1450 (for one)
3 x $2100 (for one + a partner)

A Quick Recap…

General Entry

Access All Areas VIP

Access All Sessions

Lunch and Light Snacks

ToeCracker's Sack - Full of Gifts

Priority Seating

Speaker Bonuses VIPs

Bonuses -General Entry

VIP only Day

Event Recordings

Your Price



You Plus a Partner Price

+ $1500

You Plus a Partner VIP

+ $2000

PS: I sat the bar high at my Drayton Bird event in 2019 . . . and I promise you I plan to raise the bar even higher in May 2023. Brace yourself.

Still sitting on the fence?

Here’s how you’ll know with 100% certainty if you should grab your ticket right NOW

But first, I insist . . .


If you always find an excuse to NOT do something . . .

  • “But Poland is too far”

    No, it’s not. It’s literally 2 flights away even if you live in LA or Brisbane!

    And if you’re in Europe, you’re probably just 1 short flight or train ride away. 
  • “But I don’t have the budget for it”

    All the go-getters at my event last year more than DOUBLED their investment (including flights, hotel & meals) within days of the event being over
  • “But it’s not the right time for me”

    If you can’t MAKE it the right time to be in the same room with all these brilliant people, then there will never be a “right time” for you.

    John Pejchl made the time so he can attend again. This is what he said to me . . . even though he had a prior commitment.

    “I had a once-a-decade lifelong dream trip to Oberammergau, Germany set up for 2020. I cancelled it so I can make it back to the 2020 event. I’ll see you there.”

    If you’re the Ultimate Snob Master . . .
  • “I only go to famous events with famous people only”

    ALL the people you’ll see on stage at this event are dominating markets and building 7-8-figure businesses for themselves or their clients.

    Fuck fame – riches and power are better. 
  • “I only go to private masterminds in luxury villas”

    So you get the same perks as you would at my event (aka fewer people and more one-on-one interaction that leads to profitable ideas and collaborations).

    But you’re missing out on exploring amazing locations and meeting people you’d never get the chance to meet in a million years!
  • “I don’t go to events if I’m not speaking”

    At my event last year, Drayton Bird, John Carlton, Bond Halbert, Matt Bacak and Caleb O’Dowd were filling entire notebooks with ideas they “stole” from other speakers.

    That’s the kind of value you get, whether you’re speaking or listening.

    If you’re a scaredy-cat who won’t step out of your comfort zone . . .
  • “I go to the same events every year and this one’s not on that list”

    Too bad. This event is designed for people who want to swap amazing ideas with the best in business and seal money-making deals. Is THAT on your list?
  • “I won’t have my clique there and I’m an incurable introvert”

    This event is limited to 60 people + speakers, so there’s literally no room for cliques.

    Everyone gets to talk and befriend whoever they fucking want, IF they want it (yes, even introverts!)
  • “I heard there was a war in Poland . . . in the 1940s. Sounds scary.”

    Yeah, Poland’s a real’ scary place . . . if you’re afraid of friendly people, breathtaking views, historical locations all across the country, delicious food and affordable everything!

    As Barry Randall said about my last event . . .

    “As events go Gdansk, was pretty epic . . . in more ways than one. Anyone sitting on the fence about going should get down, pick the splinters out their arses and grab a ticket . . . if there’s any left by the time they read this.

    A 5-minute conversation with one of the speakers could add some serious $$$$’s to your business revenue.”

If you’re STILL making excuses . . .

Ok, now that we got the Muppets and Pelicans out of the way . . .

You probably already know you and this event go better together than beer and tequila.

Yet just in case you’re only 99% sure, here’s something to boost that confidence: 


If you’ve been waiting for an event that offers you most bang for your buck . . .

. . . I’m talking real-value not just in the form of mindblowing trainings . . . but also the chance to start lifelong friendships and business deals with like-minded people . . .

This Event Was Designed For YOU.

If you HATE going to boring as batshit “summits” . . . where all you do is sit on an uncomfortable chair . . .

. . . and you absolutely loathe drinking bad coffee, eating stale cookies and chit-chatting with people you don’t ever keep in touch with . . .

This Event Was Designed For YOU.

And most importantly . . .

If you’re an ass-kicker who unashamedly want EVERYTHING and isn’t afraid to get it . . .

  • Learning money-making secrets from the arguably best in the world
  • Quality networking that leads to profitable business
  • Exploring interesting parts of the world with new friends
  • AND having insane fun all at the same time . . .

This Event Was Designed For YOU.

It’s Up To You Now, My Friend:

Who do YOU want to be?

You could be . . .

  • The Excuse Maker who always finds some reason why you can’t do something that could literally change your career and your entire lives in just 3 days . . .
  • The Ultimate Snob Master who won’t go to events unless they’re speaking or they can at least brag about spending $30k on a 2-day mastermind by the pool
  • The Scaredy-Cat who won’t get to 7-figures or 8-figures or get to meet mind-blowing people or explore new parts of the world that will make your jaw drop 


You could be . . .

  • The Go-Getter who sees something that gets their mind racing and their blood running and GETS it. This whole event is built to make your mind race with $$$ ideas! 
  • The Demanding Winner who’s always up for scaling your business while having insane fun and making friends with outrageously-smart people ALL at the same time. 
  • One Of Us. I get to live my famous International Lifestyle and live on an Income Without Borders . . . thanks to meeting people like the ones that are going to this event. 

DON’T miss YOUR chance!

I’d put my head through a wall if I’d missed mine . . .

Get YOUR Ticket/s Now . . .

ToeCracker Tip: Don’t try to go ‘halfsies’ with someone you don’t know or try to ‘game the system’ to try to save money.

I’ll ‘ToeCrack’ your ass so hard . . . your grandchildren’s grandchildren will feel it!

See you in Gdansk!



PS. I sat the bar high at last year’s event . . . and I promise you I plan to raise the bar even higher in May 2023. Brace yourself.

You can Gdansk if you want to . . . Grab you seat right now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

PPS. There are ONLY 27 VIP seats available. Plus you can get easy payments while the offer it lasts.

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. . . including a never-seen-before life-changing training by Parris Lampropoulos!

Here’s a recap of what some of the attendees said about the last event . . .

“My friend Trevor really knows how to put on a top-notch show.

He not only put together an All-Star lineup of speakers, but filled the room with savvy marketers eager to learn and move up a step in their careers. There was no slack anywhere for the entire event.

The sessions were tight and informative, the breaks full of hearty networking and interaction . . . and Gdansk is simply one of the gems of Europe. A true adventure, combined with marketing breakthroughs."

- John Carlton – Speaker (USA)

“How often - as a regular event attendee - do you get to rub shoulders with the legends of the copywriting and marketing world? The straight-forward answer is never (unless you can invest £30k into joining a mastermind group).

As well as picking up some life-changing marketing ideas which have super charged my businesses, I’ve made some very important friends”

- Barry Randall (UK)

“You’ll find Trevor does things differently, very differently. He hosts AMAZING socials, you’ll get to enjoy first-class food, free-flowing drinks and the company of some ridiculously smart people, both presenters and attendees.

My time is precious, so I’ll be investing again this year. I want the chance to learn from the best and get results faster.” 

- Susan Bromwich (UK)

Trevor is like a bright light to a moth. He literally attracts and draws in the best people in business, assembling them in a program and event in an amazing setting, and provides people like us to become immersed within a network and world we never even knew existed.

We were very excited to be able to combine a European Vacation with this well-curated business event and could not have been more satisfied. It all far-exceeded our expectations and has permanently influenced us.”

- Rob & Ande Cook (USA)

“This was hands down the best event I've ever attended. I've already profited from just ONE of the ideas I learned from one of the speakers (it covered the cost of the entire trip and then some). Once I've implemented the rest of my massive list of ideas, I'm sure it will transform my entire business. See you at the next one.”

- Oliver Denyer (Sweden)

“It was a great event - the organized evening functions added a lot to the experience. Outside of private masterminds, you don't get this at events. Kudos to Trevor.”

- Nik Thakorlal (Australia)

“What did Trevor’s event in Poland mean to me? Only, EVERYTHING. After coming back from the 9008-mile round trip from Chicago to the event in Gdansk, I can say the investment is paying back more than I imagined:

I moved to a location that allows my dreams to come true. I have a writing assignment with Mark Ford. There is no way this would have happened if I didn’t go to Poland. It’s only been 4 months and I already know it is a turning point in my life.”
- John Pejchl (USA)

“I must say, although the speakers were fantastic, I got more from the social events during this event (for the first time ever actually)

I think it’s really IMPORTANT people understand that . . . as I didn't for a while.

Plus, I don't like socialising in large groups.”
- Matt Murphy (Australia)

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